Taylor Lautner – Why Indian Girls love Taylor Lautner More Than Robert Pattinson?

Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson have only one thing in common, that’s Twilight. I am a twilight fan and I really like vampires and werewolves. It may sound cliche but both of these guys have totally different personalities and appearances. Robert is pale while Taylor is brown. Indian girls are fond of Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) because of his boyish charm and irresistible body. He definitely scores high than Robert who actually looks like a vampire. Pale is still to be in fashion here. Till then Jacob Black gets all the attention from Indian curvaceous and beautiful girls.

Why Indian Girls love Taylor Lautner More Than Robert Pattinson?

Indian girls love Taylor Lautner because of his down to earth look. They like him because of his heavenly body and extremely honest smile. Although Robert is enjoying all the attention in the west but Taylor is definitely seducing hearts in the east.

Everyone is talking about his Greek body and chocolaty charm. Even Robert Pattinson is jealous of his well-curved abs. Jacob Black’s role was definitely expanded with passion and love by Stephenie Meyer – the writer. She actually got infatuated with the character and thought of giving it a larger than life image.

So females let’s check out the qualities he wants in his girl:

Taylor Lautner loves outgoing and uncomplicated girls who can be also ridiculous and sweet at the same time. Yet, he hates animated parties. He is an Aquarius hence he is extremely charismatic and possesses a natural gift of gab. Like all Aquarians, his silence and limited display of emotions is often misjudged. He loves to hang around with girls who can open up without a second thought. He basically likes a genuine girl.

So girls what’s your verdict ---- Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) or Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen)?


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    A very logical, male perspective!

  2. IMO, werewolf exudes power which somehow the vampires dont :P and pattinson looks so gay :-P

    well, i am not a twilight person, though i like lautner more.
    1. he looks better and acts better, wer as pattinson is kinda weird without the EDWARD factor.

    2, he dates the other taylor whom i like :) swift.

  3. Withiout a doubt it's Taylor Lautner!!! He definitely has an electric smile :D
    and yes... his character in the "book" is awesome!!! what kinda gal wont like his (Stupid Bella missed him though ;))