The Story Of A Stranger!

20th December, 2006, St.Edmund College, Hostel No 25, 9.30 pm: Hey Rajan! Finally I am going home—John said to his room mate. Well, I have to pack my things now. Only three hours left for my flight. Dude! Can you please help me? Ya Sure--- Rajan said. John is Christian while Rajan is a pakka Brahmin. John is carefree while Rajan is extremely practical and tidy. Yet, they are best friends. So, what are you going to do this Christmas? Rajan asked John. Well, nothing as such, I will spend time with my family. Only family? Rajan asked. Well, I have to meet my girl friend too brother. She must be waiting for me - John smiles. 10.30 pm: So, It’s time for me to leave brother. Take care and Merry Christmas in advance- John left the room and Rajan was all alone in the hostel. Rajan was feeling miserable. He was missing his home too but he decided to stay back because of his studies. He can’t afford to fail again. It was raining outside. So, he decided to bunk his meals. He prepared maggi instead. He was feeling lonely and abandoned that day. 11.30pm: Suddenly someone knocked his door. Who is outside? Rajan shouted with some kind of annoyance as he was low that day. Is it Rajan? A voice came from outside. Yes—Rajan replied. Can you please open the door? Ok—Rajan reluctantly opens the door. It’s raining like hell man—the boy said. Well, who are you? Rajan asked. Hi! I am Vivek! Vivek was tall, pale and handsome guy. He was smiling constantly to see the room. He was staring the walls and the cupboards. Vivek was an ex student of St. Edmund College. Actually, he was staying in the same room where Rajan and John is currently staying. Vivek started to tell Rajan about his college days. Vivek asked Rajan about his English Professor. Rajan was happy to meet him because Vivek was extremely a bright student. The shine in his face was mesmerizing. So, Rajan! Do you have a girl friend? No brother—Rajan replied. I still remember by moments with my girlfriend Tarana in this room. I can still see her sitting there in that chair—Vivek said. So, when are you guys going marry? Rajan asked. Vivek took a long breath and gave him a wedding invitation card. The card says Tarana Weds Rahul. Rajan didn’t see further as he was no more interested. Tomorrow Tarana is getting married but I am not depressed. She found her soul mate in Rahul. What can I do? Rajan told him to cheer up. Don’t worry; you will get a better girl than her for sure. Vivek smiled and said bye to Rajan. 12.30 pm: Rajan decided to study whole night. He planted himself in front of the table lamp. It’s was still raining outside. Rajan saw the invitation card and got tempted to read it. The card was beautifully designed—Rajan said to himself. He opened the card that says: Tarana Weds Rahul, 21st December, 1979! (That was Vivek’s spirit talking to him. He committed suicide the night before her marriage in Room No. 25) It was still raining outside…. The story of a stranger ends here…. Keep reading! (Fiction)
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