Stop Trying Harder – It’s Time To Stop Trying Harder, It’s Time To Live Life!

Are you trying harder everyday to achieve your goals? Are you trying harder to impress somebody? Are you exhausted? Everyone craves to taste success. Everyone is dying to shine. The world is pacing at light speed. We are giving up our sleep for making a successful morning. Our hearts are becoming empty with each passing day. We are dead.

It’s time to stop trying harder; it’s time to live life!

The idea of a perfect world is misunderstood by humanity. The never-ending marathon is killing us. Our greed for money and fame are making us crazy. They are slowly killing us. We are becoming dangerous. We are trying harder for everything. Relationships are falling apart because of our hunger for perfection. We are becoming choosy. We are never satisfied. We read success stories, we follow the big guys but we never realize their moment of failure. We only recognize them when they are big. You are doing nothing but killing your soul if you are trying harder to make a difference because some amount of patience and planning can give us tremendous success. Stop trying harder for feeling and enjoying success. Stop striving for perfection. Just plan, dream and wait.

I have seen people trying harder for earning money. I have seen them working day and night. I am not an exception. I try hard for everything. I have tried hard to improve myself, I have tried hard to impress my boss, I have tried to make my friends happy, I have tried hard to write a sensible copy, I have tried to shine but now I am completely exhausted and tired. I want to rest. I want to grow without trying harder. I am not going to change my plan of action rather I am going to live a life with a soul. I will try to feel the joy of an evening walk with a friend. I will watch more movies and I will smile more. This is the end. I am not going to try harder. I am going to experiment with harmony. I am no more living a life of passionate detachment. Let’s change the world without trying harder…

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  2. I bet to differ from your suggestion,
    Trying hard can always be amalgamated with the joy of life.
    The thing when trying becomes tiring is when one tries not for improvement but for some destination.
    it is when we really don't know the true meaning of happiness. When we feel we will be happy when we get what we want, but forget that we can simply enjoy what we are getting in the process. Every big shot still tries for improvement, tries maintaining standard. Its about doing things with passion and giving everything its little space. i try hard every day to improve and god no one can stop me from enjoying the morning sun or the little cup of coffee, or a friends hug because the steering of my life is in my hands, i can control the gear ,the direction ,can stop it for a while,fuel it, service it.,

  3. You cannot become whatever you want to if you had tried hard enough...however, you can become better of what you already trying in the right direction...

    Loosers have have strategies...that's the fundamental reality of our belief system around us.We live in a world were doing a good thing is not only becomes good when others say it is it a job,relationship or even a blog post.

  4. You are right. Trying harder isn't important, trying the right way is important.