Predictions 2010 – Top 5 Predictions Unveiled!

I am no Nostradamus! Predictions for 2010 are completely based on my thoughts and observations. Therefore you should neither take them seriously nor very faintly. They can be true…

Top 5 Predictions Unveiled!

1. Unlike 2009, the coming year is going to be somewhat pleasant. The economy is going to rise again. The shadow of recession will completely fade away. People will come out of their shell and enjoy shopping like never before. 2010 is definitely going to be a year of success and happiness.

2. Countries like India, China, Brazil, United States, Canada, Great Britain, Spain and Japan is going to witness a tremendous growth in their GDP. These countries will experience wonderful success in the field of commerce. The IT sector in India will continue to perform well. The planet is going to experience cutting edge technology and astounding inventions in 2010. Some great discoveries in the field of medical science will shake the world with joy.

3. Movies like Alice In Wonderland, My Name Is Khan and 3 Idiots is surely going to taste success. Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson will be the most preferred actors in Hollywood. Indian Movie Industry will get recognition in the Oscars again. The world music scene will be dominated by Rock Music.

4. The online media will rise again. Viral marketing will be the most sought after profession next year. The process of job creation will expand rapidly. The online marketing landscape is going to rise. Companies like Google, Facebook, Alexa, Twitter and Microsoft will bring the whole world together. There will be no strangers left. Everyone will be followed in Twitter, facebook etc. Even the most under developed places will have internet access next year. New technologies and inventions are going to make our lives better. Banks will be strict in issuing credit cards. They will stop experimenting things. 2010 is going to be the year of celebrations.

5. Finally, my predictions for 2010 will be acknowledged next year. I can be even dumped but my sixth sense says that it will be 100 percent perfect!


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(P.S: Please don’t curse me next year if they go wrong)


  1. I thought for a while that Nostradamus was speaking anyways..."He who predicts the future, will keep on blogging this year, may the almighty bless him for his lovely posts". Did it rhyme like Nostrada?

  2. cool
    i like the last prediction

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