No Motivation – What’s Your Motivation Story?

No motivation. I need constant incentives for moving ahead. I feel exhausted very easily. It becomes terribly depressing sometimes. Sunday evenings, lazy Mondays, slow Tuesdays, heavy Wednesdays, surprising Thursdays, relaxed Fridays and finally a Saturday. I am almost dead till I reach a peaceful Sunday. Hell! It’s becoming frustrating with each passing day. I feel like a zombie with a soul. The year is coming to an end and I am still at the same place, still wearing the same set of clothes, still having the same dreams, still searching for a new beginning.

What’s Your Motivation Story?

The story of everyone’s life is becoming boring and uninspiring. Silence has descended without a reason. Everybody is finally waiting for a brand new year ahead. I am waiting to sing my break free song too. 2010 will obviously bring lots of motivation to our lives. It will be full of flowers and love. So, if you are depressed and lonely than you should try to change your life little bit next year. Try to make a good habit and follow it at least for 5 days. Dream more!

Oh! Finally this depressing year is ending. It was an extremely miserable year for me. I have lost everything including peace this year. Eventually, I have learnt to survive without motivation unlike my yesteryears. The amount of pain suddenly rose higher without a reason. Dark nights, messy mornings, lazy afternoons and mundane evenings tortured me a lot. The time for rejuvenation has finally arrived. It’s time to celebrate. It’s time to smile. Finally I have learnt the art of self motivation. What about you?


  1. Anonymous3:22 AM

    wish u a happy 2010!!!!!

  2. I wish you a happy and wonderful 2010!

  3. "yesteryears"!!! I liked that word and yes, everyone are waiting for 2010. Nice post:)

  4. Thanks a ton anonymous, seema and nethra!