New Moon Review India – The Twilight Saga New Moon Reviewed!

Time: 15:45 (24 Hrs Format), Row K Seat 3 & 4, Audi 03 PVR Anupam, Saket, New Delhi.

Finally New Moon is here in India! I and my friend Abhishek decided to see the movie. We are movie freaks. We can’t wait. We planted ourselves in our seats to witness the much-awaited, much-hyped movie called New Moon. The three main characters of the movie Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) were all looking “beautiful”. The first part of the movie was quite slow and boring but the second part is extremely gorgeous. The beauty of the whole movie is its simplicity and its subtleness. The vampires look classy while the werewolves look rustic. The woods, lovely cliffs and maple leaves are fully exploited by the director. The element of a fairytale makes the movie totally sweet and poetic. The pop music played in the background was just awesome.

The love triangle was charming. Get ready to watch some funny moments, especially after Bella discovers about Jacob Black’s were wolf avatar. New Moon is especially designed for people who love fiction more than reality. It’s all about pain, love, and unrequited love. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The cliff jumping scene was especially great. The romance between vampire and human is simply mouthwatering. The chemistry between Bella and Edward was a treat to my eyes. Yet, we can’t ignore Jacob’s protective nature. He is the soul of this movie unfortunately he never gets a chance to smooch Bella.

Poor Jacob was used badly. He was left begging for love. It was quite rude but true love is all about loving the person you love and that’s Edward for Bella. New Moon is definitely a must watch for everybody. It’s a cute film with extremely beautiful characters. I am waiting eagerly for the next part.

Verdict: Hit

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