Midnight Story – Midnight Tale About 3 Girls

Faint light, second class compartment, fading sound of the train and 3 girls!
(This is not an everyday midnight story).

I am surely going to meet Rahul this time---Sonal says with enthusiasm to Reema. Radhika as usual was glued to her favorite book “The Secret”. She loves to go through this book again and again as she finds it truly motivational. She hardly wants any intervention. Radhika is a true Sagittarian. Nobody understands her philosophies while Sonal is an Aries. She is a kid. Reema is boring. She loves to blabber but she is a gem of a person. Three different characters, one common compartment, 12 o’clock midnight and a story to remember!

Midnight Tale About 3 Girls

It will take 10 more hours to reach Delhi—Reema said. Sonal is in love with an online friend called Rahul. They are complete strangers. It’s time to sleep girls—Radhika whispered. Actually she got irritated by their nonsensical talks. Suddenly, the train slowed down. It began to move slowly. I think there is a station ahead---Sonal said. No, I think the train slowed down due to some traffic. Finally, the train started pacing.. Thank God…Sonal said.

1 o’clock, Sonal and Reema was still busy with their useless blabber. Radhika was asleep. She must be dreaming about her ex-boyfriend----Reema said. I agree—Sonal replied. Suddenly a man enters. May I sit here---he was polite. Yes, sure uncle—Reema said. They continued to talk about their life and the man kept listening to them.

After 10 minutes--- Blood drops! Sonal shouted. She was shocked to see blood falling endlessly from the man’s body. His shawl was completely drenched with blood but the man wasn’t showing any pain. Reema did try to help the man but he resented. Radhika at the mean time woke up after hearing this. We should call a doctor immediately—Radhika said. Blood drops began to fall continuously. Sonal got fainted and Reema was helpless. The train was almost empty. The man told them not to panic. He became grumpy. The train began to slow down again. The man stood up. He tried to manage his shawl with one hand. Actually, he was carrying a cut off hand of a newly wed bride, which was all covered with expensive ornaments. The man left the compartment and jumped off the slowly moving train. The man was a dacoit…The story ends here.



  1. Anonymous6:05 AM

    never expected this kind of end

  2. Decent story, but more emphasis has to be laid on the horrific setting though, the twist should hit the reader hard.

  3. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Good story ... particularly the ending !!!

  4. Thanks anonymous, pawan and soumitra!

  5. I think the ending went out of th hand ! Liked it...

  6. hey sorry but dint like it
    i knw u are capable of much better stuff dude.
    i dnt think u hav writen it in ur full spirits
    but i surely knw u are the best