License To Dream - Flaunt Your Dreams With Flamboyance Before It’s Too Late!

I have renewed my license to dream, what about you? The advent of a brand new year gives me enough reasons to celebrate. I can feel the dawn. The year is finally ending. It’s gradually fading. The next chapter seems interesting. I can see the silver lining amid darkness. 2010 is definitely going to change everyone’s life. The ugly face of recession will metamorphose into a beautiful lady called development. Unlike 2009, the coming year will bring happiness, love and freedom. It will unlock newer vistas of hope.

Flaunt Your Dreams with Flamboyance before It’s Too Late!

The year of anticipation has finally arrived. People say that, excess dreaming leads to madness. They also say it’s a waste of time because they hardly exploit their dreams like I do. Dreams motivate me every now and then. Dreams are like cup of hot teas for writers, poets, painters and even entrepreneurs because they are extremely stimulating. They can inspire you every morning. They can make you feel happy as well as sad. Life without dreams is dry, mundane and boring.

Dreaming is an unconscious art. It’s an abstract phenomenon that everybody experiences everyday but only a selected bunch recognizes its importance. Dreams can be life changing. They can give you all the answers for free. Most of the greatest personalities are inspired by dreams that changed their life. They woke up with an inspiration that became a revolution.

Flaunting your dreams is the best way to express yourself. It gives you endless boundaries. The fusion of dreams and reality makes a nice cocktail. It makes us clueless. Our wings suddenly vanish when dreams meet reality. Sometimes it breaks into pieces and it really takes time to gather all the broken pieces. The never ending tug of war between daydreaming and reality is Life! In order to move ahead without getting hurt, we have to consume the right mixture of dream and reality. An unbalanced proportion can be dangerous. So never stop dreaming because they make your reality and vice versa…

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  1. true...if we dont dream we will never have a purpose to fulfill when we wake up for a new day.......

  2. If you want to have to have the courage to see nightmares as well.!

  3. very true...
    that was well said for the people who even scare to dream..
    fantastic mate!!

  4. Thanks a ton Shahid, Gyanban and Sorcerer. Dreaming can be an interesting thing too :-) What you say guys?

  5. dreaming is indeed the art of visualizing.I like your concept of juggling between the realms of fantasy and reality.
    TO put it in a nutshell i follow the line of thought as quoted by someone-
    “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they act on their dream with open eyes, to make it possible"

  6. Such a wonderful interpretation!

    Thanks Tanvi...Keep writing!