Let’s Celebrate Now – Santa Claus, Celebrations, New Year and Me!

Hazy pictures, chaotic life, unrequited love and a thinking soul. Let’s celebrate life now. When things stop moving your way, you feel dejected and lonely. You crave for a distant smile, a comfortable cuddle and an eternal bliss. I have started feeling the sweet fragrance of flowers, jingle bells and humane celebrations. I can feel love all around me. I am getting swayed by the tranquility and peace that I hope to achieve next year. My dreams are growing and my mind is completely at peace. I am waiting for Santa Claus.

I am waiting for 2010, and I am waiting for a new beginning.

Santa Claus, Celebrations, New Year and Me!

I have thrown all negativity out of the window. I am not a good child but I still expect gifts from Santa Claus. I am motivated now. I saw a dream yesterday. I am very bad at remembering things but I can never forget this reverie. I saw God! I was literally smiling. He gave me a pen without ink to write my name in a piece of paper. I forgot to write. I was struggling to write my name. I was shouting in my silence but suddenly I saw the piece of paper given by Him. My name was already written there. Suddenly, I woke up. I got my manna. God never wants his creation to suffer. He is always helping us, he is always following us. It’s time to celebrate because He wants to shed all tears. He wants to be happy. The change in season is nothing but his mood swings. Tsunami, earthquakes and terrorism is nothing but his anger. So, let’s celebrate for Him. Let’s make love not war…

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  1. Eureka Pallav! u've got the gyan and so did we. No kidding. gud write up!!!!!

  2. Anonymous5:01 AM

    good writing!!!!!