Geeks Are Sane – How Geeks Are Created?

Everyone think geeks are exceptionally obsessed with technology. People believe them to be insane and unwanted. Girls avoid them, friends hate them but I love them. I think Geeks are sane. They are human and they have emotions too. We have no right to curse their passion. We have no right to call them hackers. I have a different story to tell.

How Geeks are created?

Human beings become criminals because of circumstances, people become practical and extremely professional because of their job pressure but a geek in us created due to various factors. They try to feel life but when they see no appreciation coming then they switch onto the virtual world to get those pleasures. They buy gadgets and play games to satiate themselves; they socialize virtually to find true love and they blog! All bloggers may not be necessarily geeks but they have a hint of escapism. We are seeing writers turning into geeks. They are trying to decipher the various facets of technology. It’s not surprising to see a poet turning into blogging guru. The story of geeks always fascinated me. They aren’t ugly but they are cute. They look good in specs; they are the next generation CEOs and visionaries.

Geeks are inquisitive, urban and romantic. They can be extremely passionate with their partners if they find any. They are hungry for love. They are human beings. Please stop annoying them. If you are a geek and reading this then you should be proud of your awareness. You should never get depressed, because companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft are created by geeks and the world is following them now. The party isn’t over, it’s just getting better.


  1. Geeks know that they are weaker in the social arena. Perhaps they get sidelined even if there is no fault of theirs because of the way the world moves. But believe me, you won't find a more loyal and compassionate friend than a geek.

  2. Geeks here where I study are not one bit how you described them to be. They party, blog, discuss indecent things with as much gusto as the latest version of Mortal Kombat, and are equally able on the social forefront as on the online friend bank.

    Though most of the time they become so after reaching in here.

    Intriguing post nevertheless, and do keep posting.

    And, yeah, I am a geek and I am proud of it!!!

  3. Very good article dude...

  4. Amazing post, Pallav!

    So far, I've never read a post on geeks and nerds till now.. Your post truly gave an authentic insight into the mind of a geek. Very well written post, I must say..

    But, at the same time, I also disagree with you at a few places... In my class in college, I have a small section of people who literally have no practical knowledge. Their brain feeds on only bookish knowledge and that's the reason they usually excel in studies. Everybody has tagged them as 'nerds'. I don't think they have any sort of virtual life.. That specific mentality may also arise due to an overdose of sincerity and loyalty, what's say?

  5. :) I agree...they are more and I think they got the name geeks, because the other side wanted to feel better about they would never be able to be like them!!!

    very well written!

  6. i have been a geek and prefer greeks to studs