A Day Without Sunshine and A Night Without Moonlight!

Everyone is accustomed to a sun drenched morning. The dawn symbolizes hope, light and cheerfulness. Can you imagine a day without sunshine? It sounds fictional but if the sun denies waking up one morning and the night refuse to end. We take everything for granted. When things start moving in a wrong direction, we whine and we curse our destiny but we never realize our sin. The world is facing a global crisis because of us. It’s experiencing tsunami and earth quakes because of us.

Our planet is getting warmer and warmer. Humanity is on the verge of extinction and we are still craving for more. We can’t stay behind but we can surely make a difference. We are making movies like 2012 that showcases the end of humanity within few hours. We are talking about nuclear power but the fact is we are getting transformed into robots and the reality is that we can’t escape.

We have to accept the truth that we are born in 21st century. We have seen tremendous growth but we have missed the world wars and freedom struggles. We have seen the brighter side of life. We are talking about social media and blogging. We are driving posh cars and using snazzy laptops and mobiles. Life is becoming easier and easier. We are lucky to experience this phase but we are going overboard. We hardly think of stopping a while.

Our constant craving for success is making us mad. We are getting addicted, drunken and lost. We are becoming confused, dazed and mechanical. I am waiting for a day without sunshine because I want to take a break. I want to sleep whole day. I want to dream…

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  1. Last line says everything .... we are running fast ... we all need a break from our fast lives .
    Nice post!

  2. It's like a never ending marathon!

    Thanks Somyaa

  3. Hey Pallav,

    Your post points out a very serious issue. I agree with you, our greed for success is ruining the planet!

    Good awareness post on the world aids day! :)

    Blog On...

  4. Yes its gonna be a grt...a never ending party and time to sleep forever......wow.....sounds fun...cant u hide the sun for a day?

  5. Thanks Neeraj and Rohit for your interpretations. I am waiting for some more observations so that I can write a section on this topic again. It’s great to have such wonderful people around you sometimes!

  6. Anonymous4:24 AM

    it will be fun; to go out for roaming in dark..............