Blogadda, Indiblogger And BlogCatalog – Story Of 3 Blog Directories Unveiled!

Blogging is going places and it’s touted to be the most powerful weapon for expressing thoughts, information, knowledge and freedom. Blogging is taken seriously now. It’s good news for everyone who loves to scribble and express. Even the mainstream media is getting tempted by its incredibility and charm. If you are a Newbie to this charming arena then you should preferably get acquainted with blog directories like Blogadda, Indiblogger and Blog Catalog.

Story Of 3 Blog Directories Unveiled!

Blogadda: This website not only gives your blog an exposure but also surprises you every now and then. I especially like this directory because of its refined taste for good content. Blogadda is extremely newbie friendly. It offers you exceptionally well written content twice every week. They call them BlogAdda Picks. They are released every Tuesday and Saturday. Blogadda features the spiciest blogposts. I am extremely delighted when my post was once chosen for Spicy Saturday Picks. The element of surprise does exist here. Apart from spicy picks they also present motivating interviews and lots of other tangy stuffs! Get ready to feel the real world of Blogging by joining this exceptionally brilliant blog directory.

Some facts

Audience Type: Creative
Current Page Rank: 5
Current Alexa Rank: 20171 (Keeps Changing)
USP: Innovation
Link: Blogadda

Indiblogger: This blog directory never fails to keep you updated and happy. The ranking system of Indiblogger is undoubtedly dazzling. Unlike Blog Adda, they have completely a different style to send traffic to your blog. They give a platform to upload your creativity everyday. They have a section called Indivine where you can submit your latest post and get appreciated instantly. Even I am going to put this post up there. You can check out some of the best Indian blogs here like Mohan’s Blog, Otiose Opinions, Scrambled Egg and many other wonderfully well written sites. Indiblogger is frequently visited by the Hottest Indian Bloggers.


Audience Type: Inquisitive
Current Page Rank: 5
Current Alexa Rank: 5703 (Keeps Changing)
USP: High Interaction
Link: Indiblogger

Blogcatalog: It’s a social blogger’s paradise. Blogcatalog’s amazing collection of blogs and website can mesmerize your thought process. You will get everything here. It offers brilliant blogging tools and popular discussions. Yet, this blog directory may not give you instant gratification like the above two. The interaction level is little low here as it caters to much bigger audience. It’s not much friendly to a newbie.  

Audience Type: Urban
Current Page Rank: 6
Current Alexa Rank: 24057 (Keeps Changing)
USP: Excellent User Interface
Link: Blogcatalog

Story of 3 Blog Directories starts from here as they have much to offer in the near future. Let’s make our blogging process exciting by joining these places.

Have a wonderful New Year!


  1. Thanks for the IndiBlogger mention - much appreciated. We're glad you find our community a happy place to be in! :-)

    Stay tuned for our end of the year update, some new features and plenty of little enhancements.

    - The IndiBlogger Team

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