Winter Story – A Tribute To Delhi’s Winter!

Winter in Delhi is all about fashion, love and Garam Chai (Hot Tea). Everyone is fond of this wonderful season. The quite chill touches your heart. It makes you fall in love all over again. People flaunt more smiles and blabber less during this phase. Long drives, movies, eating out and cozy moments are some of the favorite activities for all Delhiites during this time of year. Music and poetry reverberates all around. You feel rejuvenated and young. Sweet memories come back to you. Delhi’s winter is like an eternal infatuation.

A Tribute To Delhi’s Winter!

This winter I am going to eat more ice creams! It sounds crazy but I want to embrace winter with flamboyance. I remember all my winters. All my memories are nicely preserved in my heart. Winter gives me enough option to flaunt my fashion sense. I am eagerly waiting to wear my old trench coat. It gives me reasons to celebrate.

Places like Saket, Priya, C.P, Janpath and North Campus always remain crowded during winter. You can spot lovebirds everywhere. No parks here are empty during this season of joy. Oh! The park behind Ansal Plaza is obviously the hottest place to visit this season.

Winter makes you lazy in the morning and quite active during night. If you feel hungry at the middle of night then you can easily head towards kumsum (Nizamuddin). It’s quite a snazzy place to hang out after 12 midnight. I still remember those bike rides with Nikhil and Rohit! Most of my friends become active during this period.

Winter means golgappas and tikkis in Delhi. You can’t ignore these mouthwatering delicacies. Winter beckons freedom. It gives me liberty to drink more Chai (tea)! Smokers get a reasonably good excuse to smoke more. It’s the best time to hit the dance floor (it can be your floor- who cares!). So, let’s create another tale of love this season. Let’s enjoy everything that comes to our life.

Oh Winter! How can you be so fascinating?


  1. I don't know much about Delhi's winter or to the matter of fact, about Delhi, except it is our Capital City. But, your post gave quite an idea about Delhi's winter. :)
    "Winter means golgappas and tikkis in Delhi"... my mouth started watering. I like golgappas. :P

  2. Let's ride again this winter!

  3. Delhi winters...six of them down and I am still looking forward to this one with renewed fervor!!
    good writeup!

    Scribblers Inc.

    "Time feels like a bubble gum stuck to the sole of your shoe..."

  4. Thanks Nethra, Rohit and Mithun. It feels great to get such wonderful responses.

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    Thanks a ton!

    P.S: Rohit, do you remember that eerie experience between our rides that day?

  5. Nice site indeed!
    Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy

  6. Anonymous1:02 AM

    really waiting chilly.. winter

  7. ahhh......i have started feeling this season..esp. after reading this blog!!! well done Pallav....Good work!!! Keep it up...

  8. Thanks Anonymous and Manna for your lovely thoughts!

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