Whims And Fancies Of A 20 Something!

Snazzy cellphones, emo hairstyle, Chetan Bhagat’s books, Pink Floyd and Facebook is what a twenty something would like to be connected with. They are no more into hollow gossiping. A 20 something tweets, blogs and updates status. They are expanding their online presence for making their presence felt in the global sky.

Life is interesting now. It’s giving us instant gratification and instant pain. The word patience is somehow losing its sanctity. However, the conventional dating scene is still flourishing. There is a shift from our neighborhood parks to Gtalk. It’s becoming the newest dating point for lovers and stalkers. The world is still the same but we are changing. New jobs are created everyday in the social media landscape. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Alexa, facebook are growing because of the whims and fancies of 20 somethings. Problogger and copyblogger are celebrities. We follow them, we love them and we want to be like them.

Music, poetry and puns are getting enough popularity through these online platforms. The blend of knowledge and information is treated well by everybody. Yet, sometimes a 20 something feels lonely. He feels like going offline. He wants to feel the rustic freedom. He wants to have that divine glass of coffee.

20 somethings dream about driving a Merc one day. They are actually sandwiched between generations. One generation follows them and other generation doesn’t understand them. The woes seem to increase with each passing day. It’s probably the most interesting phase of one’s life. It gives you opportunity, success and failings simultaneously. The world of a 20 something is always bright. Even the darkness enthralls them. They try to decipher paranormal activities. Questions like how to kill a zombie are very popular online. These searches are mostly made by this generation. The whims and fancies of a 20 something is definitely making a difference. What do you say?


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    liked it...hey one suggestion...change the settings of comments to open up in new tab... :)
    Keep blogging to keep urself rockinn...

  2. you hit the nail on the head....we are everywhere in touch with everyone but still we are lonely....its interesting and agonizin at the same time

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    Refreshing read!! I think, make the best of this phase, because as we enter the thirties, reality takes the place of excitement! So enjoy this phase while it lasts :-)

    By the way, thanks so much, for promoting my blog on Indivine :-)

  5. Thanks Writerzblock and anonymous! Keep reading

  6. Cool post! You captured the whims and fancies of 20 something generation in an interesting way!! :)

  7. I am one of those who do not understand them although I am not much older myself. 20 something is when you live a fantasy life. Reality will set in a few years later :)


  8. Exactly! 20 something is all about a passionate detachment!

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