What Girls Want? Fun Facts About Girls Revealed!

It’s extremely difficult to categorize or generalize girls. They are unique in their own special way. They undoubtedly love intelligence. What girls want? Understanding a girl’s psyche is difficult. They can be mysterious, hysterical and sweet at the same time. They are God’s beautiful creation. They can easily charm anybody with their feminine grace. Their curves can cause catastrophe while their intelligence can seduce you from distance. They like long conversations and candle light dinner. They love to experiment things in bed and they know the art of keeping a guy very well. They like mild flirting and public display of affections. Girls take time to make a relation unlike boys. They are never in a hurry to build an association. Yet, there are various unseen truths about them that they will never tell you until they find a friend or a lover in you. They are excellent at keeping secrets.

Fun Facts About Girls Revealed!

Girls love to be loved. They adore flattery to an extent. Yet, their hearts and minds are tremendously active. They know their limits. Some girls are extremely good at manipulating things while some girls are simply sweet. They will never appreciate a thing until they find them attractive. They have good taste for everything. They hardly flatter anyone. Yet, there is always a reason if they flatter someone. The reason can be love too.

Some girls are even misunderstood. Everyone is hungry for love and affection but some girls are extremely serious about love. They consider love to be their soul ambition in life. Finding a true love is the only thing they know. These girls can be choosy sometimes. They will scan you from top to bottom within 15 seconds. They have exceptional knowledge about boys’ psyche.

Some girls are easy going and fun loving. They are neither shrewd nor very intelligent. But they are the ones who actually lights up your life. Boys love their company and they always remain your best friend. These girls also make good wives after an age.

Girls usually get attracted to a rich man. It’s not a myth but a fact. You may like it or hate it but you can hardly change it. Some girls can be extremely materialistic. Yet, girls love to spend time with a young and handsome guy. Good looks do matter. There are various secrets about girls that they will never disclose. They are beautiful, enchanting and delightful. If you’re in need of some motivation then you should better have a friend who is a girl. She can easily guide and inspire you!

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  1. Cool facts...Yes they are attractive, beautiful and sub-intelligent :P

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

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  3. being the first girl to comment on this...i could nto find any difference between wat you said and what applies on boys??haian??

    i mean its like two sides of the same coin..one is a little flat while the other is carved :)

  4. You have done some research. Good work. :)