The Story Of A Dreamer!

July 31, 1985…The story starts from here. It’s not an ordinary tale. It’s a tale of happiness, pain and success. We have seen, heard, and experienced many success stories in our lives but we have never realized the pain! He was a dreamer. His dreams were hardly understood by others. They were interpreted in a wrong way. They were even dumped at some point in time but he never stopped dreaming because he couldn't. He was a brilliant student. He knew poetry, art and music. He was exceptionally a good painter.


His childhood days were full of fun, frolic and laughter. After scoring well in his matriculation, he came to the capital for pursuing his Arts Degree. He did well there too but destiny never wanted to be fair with him. His dreams slightly became hazier. He became confused and desolate and finally he gave up! No, he never gave up actually. He shifted to his hometown for completing his masters. He became silent. Nobody heard him. Nobody cared about him…Wait!


Silence began to conquer his kingdom of dreams. Suddenly, his father expired too. His father was a big-hearted, handsome man. His untimely death made him a stone. It’s almost difficult to come out of the pain of losing your father. Everybody began to throw advices on him. Someone also told him to join a call center. The silence continued…


He was selected to join IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology). He is my cousin brother Manzil and I am always proud of him. The story of his life deeply motivated me. He epitomizes truth. This happy go lucky guy is always my favorite. He is destined to do something better. His silence is no more unrealized and unacknowledged. He is my Hero! Keep up the good work brother.



  1. firstly do congratulate ur bro for his achievement... secondly very nice piece... these r the people who ultimately do well... the people who give advice like go join a call center are actually people who quit dreaming a long time back and feel everyone else should too...

    Keep blogging!!

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Good post Pallav... And Congo to ur bro...short and a nice one
    Keep blogging to keep urself rocking :)

  3. noble post.and inspirational to many.

    some humble suggestions if you care -

    "They were even dumped at some point of time but he never stopped dreaming because he can’t. "

    should read as dumped at some point in time.
    should read as stopped dreaming because he couldn't.

    Pain - someone asked him to join a call center -

    there is a risk some of your readers might not like the tonality used in that sentence.For some working in a call center is equivalent to any other respectable job in the market.

  4. A very touching post. People forget that at times silence speaks louder that words..

    Congrats to your brother. He is lucky to have a cousin like you...

  5. Never stop Dreaming. I should remeber this.

  6. Anonymous12:32 AM

    well done... Manzil, best of luck for future.

  7. Thanks tavish, sunil, madhu, pramathesh, anonymous, shelli and gyanban for your encouraging comments. I am extremely delighted and touched. Keep reading, writing and dreaming!

  8. Hello from New York! Every year about this time, I open up my blog and invite GUEST-POSTERS to contribute. Let me know if you're interested!

  9. Hey...I was touched by that post. They rightly say "Life has its different games to play" Getting through matters! Great piece, keep writing :)

  10. Thanks Dave and chandrama for your generous comments!