My Salad Days – Remembering Those Salad Years!

I am no Shakespeare...Those inexperienced experiences keep lingering my not so old thoughts. My salad days were full of life, glee and love. I am referring to my college days. Those memories, those platonic crushes and those blissful dates sometimes keep luring me. The story of my life is similar to yours in every aspect because it was the happiest times our lives. Remembering those salad years gives me solace. I feel rejuvenated and recharged in between any messy circumstances. Feeling those days act like magic potion for me.

Remembering Those Salad Years!

The story of a 25 plus is entirely different from those sweet 16 reminiscences. I can see my friends getting old now. Few of them got married and others are in the pipeline. These days are annoying, lifeless and full of responsibilities. You feel suffocated and dull sometimes. The pressure seems to mount higher and higher like your credit card bills. The air fails to soothe your soul.

We are actually running a never ending marathon. It’s tiresome. We often find our co-runners happy. The run for money, love and lust is going to last for lifetime and our salad days will become hazier with each passing day.

Oh my salad days! Where are you? Where are those cozy moments gone? I keep pondering upon these things quite often. My offline experiences are inspiring me to scribble something like this online. I am not unhappy now. Yet, I crave for my salad days which are no more there…


  1. I am in a phase of transition from being a student to an employed person and its kinda scary...

  2. Anonymous5:01 AM

    its a phrase of life

  3. Nice post, liked the way you put your thoughts across.

    keep blogging,