Monday Story – Facts About Lazy Mondays Unveiled!

Everyone hates Monday. I am not an exception! All my weekend dreams and enjoyment comes to an end on Mondays. My bed doesn’t let me wake up. It pampers me more. Oh Monday! Why are you so frustrating? Monday mornings start without energy. I crave for more cups of coffee than any other day. I am actually allergic to this very day. Surviving this particular day of the week is an escalating task.

Some of the most common excuses to bunk office or school is illness. Actually it’s not an excuse, you feel really sick on this day. It becomes almost impossible to work after a long weekend. Your memories don’t let you work while your reality pressurizes you to complete the task. You feel messy and helpless. But a Monday evening is extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. Your countdown for the weekend begins from here.

Monday evening – I am finally awake! I have won a battle. Most people try to bunk office on Mondays. Only college students enjoy this not-so beautiful day. They get a chance to flaunt their weekend shopping. They have all the liberty to bunk or not to bunk. The remote is obviously in their hands. But we are helpless; we have to face the trauma. We have to fight, we have struggle and finally die…But Mondays will always keep annoying us.

So, let’s shed our Monday blues with a cup of coffee from the coffee machine! What more can we do?


  1. The Monday Morning Phobia :)

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  2. I agree with you! Hi thanks for promoting my post on "Tendulkar". Do visit my Blog and share your views.

  3. U bet! Monday mornings throw me into a wierd state, which I choose better best not to describe!

    So you can imagine.......! :)

  4. I absolutely hate Monday Mornings. I come to office and tell my colleagues - 'Only 4 more days for the weekend!!' They'll be like 'We just finished one & u r already talking about the next'

    Btw nice post. Check out my Monday Blues post - ''

  5. Hmmmm, when I did the 9-5 thing, I felt the same way. But, no more. I wake up, yes, a bit sleepy from the late nights of the weekend, but Monday is like a brand new beginning, a time to exlore and learn and grow and share! It's like New Year's every week, a place to start over if you need to, and a time to keep building on our dreams!

    I say lets make Mondays the BEST day of the week! Sorry if this is annoyingly cheerful, but when a person is pursuing their dreams, Mondays represent opportunity!

  6. True Cheryl Sweeney! Mondays can be fun too. Truly inspiring comment.