Long-Distance Relationships – Facts About Long-Distance Affairs Unveiled!

Long-distance relationships exude passion. It can be fun as well as heart breaking at times but the trend is going to stay forever. In the early 90s, when I was in school, my friends were very much into pen-friends including me. Making friends through letters was fun. Those letters are still there. I love to read them often. Everyone at some point of their lives experience the feeling of love from distance. There are many successful as well as unsuccessful stories. It can be your story too. So let’s discover more about the pros, cons and beauty of long-distance relationships.

Facts About Long-Distance Affairs Unveiled!

Communication is not a problem now. We can be in touch with our loved ones easily through phone calls, orkut, facebook, twitter and emails. Yet, we can’t be physically present in such relationships. We can’t cuddle our partners when they need it the most. It’s extremely difficult to survive alone sometimes.

Long-distance relationships are just like fairytales for me. You can design it according to your wish. You’ve time, space and freedom. Yet, you can’t go shopping together. Distance does matter a lot for a relationship to survive. These are the darker facts but there are brighter sides too. Long distance relationships can be extremely flowery when two partners meet. The sight of your partner enlightens you. It’s amazing to see your love after months of physical separation.

Long-distance love can be only successful if you want it to be successful. Communication is the soul of a relationship. You should never disconnect yourself from your partner. You should preferably take time out for calling him or her at least once in a day preferably at night because that’s the right time to talk love. Loving each other is all about sharing and caring. Always make your partner feel special. If you don’t have a web cam then please buy it soon because staying connected is the essence of a long-distance affair.

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  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Good one. I for one, completely understand, having managed to keep a long-distance relationship alive for 3 years. There is a God! :)

  2. I am very skeptical about long distance relationships. A great deal of commitment and honesty is required for it, to last for long. I have many patients who are in long distance marriages, I always wonder how it is working out for them and for how long its gonna work.

  3. for some reason I have come to the conclusion that long distance doesnot work...I know there could be hunfreds of cases, where it has work but there are also hundreds of ppl who have miraculously survived accidents, but that doesnt guarantee me my life..:-P..
    jokes apert, it was well written bro..liked it

  4. LDR's are about destiny ! I know of people who have been away [and faithful] for 5years and yet got married and are living happily ever after.I also know couples who have spent 8years courting in the same city and divorced in 8 months.

    There's isn't a patter, it's destiny.

  5. I appreciate your interpretations! Long distance relationships need to be treated with caution and care. The way you express your love definitely plays a big role in these relationships. It’s all about stars, planets and their influences. I think everything happens for a reason.

  6. Anonymous10:11 AM

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  7. A good post! I am a bit wary of long distance relationships. A lot of effort, commitment, trust and love is required.
    However, successful long distance relationships can and do exist. It will survive as long as you are willing to work it out. :)

  8. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Hi! My name is Lani @ first my belief in long distance relationships sucks because it didn't work to my ex bf who's Filipino bf like me. After a year I had a relationship 5 years older than me and he lives in the same city not too far from my place. I thought he's the one but then he betrayed me I found out right away that he's a married man and 2 kids. I still thank God nothing bad happen to me.After 6 mos of break up I met a very handsome,hot,smart and gentle young man from Swiss guy from Switzerland I met him @ facebook.He asked for my email address and contact number that's how we always had communication. Until he just decided to booked his flight just to visit me here in the Philippines to meet me in person. After a long wait he came for and he kept his promise. But this time is no longer a getting to know and mutual understanding stage were officially steady. Now it's our 3 monthsary and he just called me yesterday to apologized to me and we had misunderstanding I got upset to him. So now it doesn't matter how far we are it's a matter of trust and love. I believe one day we will be together forever were just working on it for now because of our career and things that we need to achieve for our future. I thanks God he gave me such a wonderful person he's down to earth.

  9. Hey Lani…You are very lucky to have a boyfriend like him. I am extremely touched by hearing your story. I can feel your pain as well as your happiness. Congrats and Good luck.



  10. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Thanks Pallav! Yes it was very painful about my past and also same experience. That's the reason why God destined us to meet @ the net then finally in real life. But now were at the present and were both happy no matter how far. Nice hearing good compliments to you Pallav I never expect this maybe I'm thinking of creating my own blog to share my story of my life.

    For me Long distance relationships is a challenge and this will test you your patience, trust and love to each other. It's how you handle it and not get too affected of what people will give you negative comments. Those people who try to put you down in short they're just insecure.

  11. Hey Lani...Keep sharing your story. I am eagerly waiting to know more about your life :)

  12. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Gosh Pallav! Nice to hear you really want to hear my story. My advice for those who search love through the net or who had long distance relationship out there just work on it be happy and most important is trust. But if you're in a getting to know stage ask interesting topic. It's also more exciting you are sharing about the culture and lifestyle in your country. A healthy conversation like what does he do for living, his family, hobbies and interest.

    That's how we cliked to each other at least if you know some foreign language that makes so impressive. Before he visit my country he know a few tagalog words like ingat, magandang umaga,hapon,gabi and mahal kita.So when he came here my family,friends and my neighbor were impressed that he learned some tagalog words from me.

    He also tought me some swiss german like Hoi(Hi), Gruezi (hello), Frau/herr(Ms/Mr), Guete Morge, Guete Abig, Mercy Vilmal and I liebe di wooh epistaxis(nosebleed) LOL! I have to be ready as well when I visit there one day.Were both happy that both on our side friends and family are happy for us. His sister was so nice to me and even if we haven't met in person she wants also to visit me one day in the Philippines. His parents were asking him about me and they're looking forward to me meet me in person.

    I never felt this before how he appreciates me and not hiding anything to me.Same to him he never encountered this before that I introduced him to my family. He knows what happen to me how was my ex bf treated me. It's very important in a relationship that both family and friends knows you to feel important and how much he loves you. That is why he is afraid to hurt me and I don't want to lose him anymore.

  13. Learning foreign language and getting acquainted with different culture is always so refreshing. Your story is getting beautiful with each passing day :)

  14. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Thanks Pallav and how about you Pallav pls share your story too. hehehe! This is the best way to have a effective long distance and interracial relationship.@ least you'll be comfortable to each other and find it more interesting. It was really amazing too that we had in coomon we love to watch movies, tv series, music and good thing we have similarities in attitude like in the family he's laso family oriented even if he live independently.

    @ first he's kinda shy because i might tease him or think he's a mama's boy. i told him that it is important to me that he's also close with the family like me whether you still live with them or not. Even if you will have own family one day.

    It's so happy to hear that even if his dad is busy with his work and about to retire this year. His dad kept asking on me he is really preparing and he can't wait to see me too. His mom as well getting nice compliments to her. When his parents saw our pictures @ facebook @ least they're not worried anymore for him. My bf got a pictures with each member of my family and he's proud of me and how I was raised well to great family same to him as well.

  15. Long distance relationships have a unique feeling in itself. Everybody isn’t lucky to have such a wonderful partner. Your story is growing with your relationship. Hope you keeping sharing your tale. I am gradually becoming a part of your story now...

  16. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Thta's right Pallav it has a unique feeling even if you're too far away hwen you say it each other I miss you...I love you... it has more thrill.It's very annoying if your partner is also your schoolmate or co-worker people will just easily talk about you especially if you have lover's quarrel.

    I got a text message from my bf talking about what he did for this day and same as me. We don't care how much it cost to send sms as long as we get update to each other.

    What I like about him is that he do it without even requiring him. Because he don't want to lose my trust to him and that's how treat each other so special important person in my life.

    He said "I miss you everyday my sweet bebot." LOL! "Mahal din kita!" awww! Everytime he wants to sayan apology or to swear somethin he said "I swear from my grandpa's grave." It's very rare to hear those words and encounter a man who's really sincere do anything for you to not lose you.

    I miss him now wondering what he;s doing now and he told me 5pm at their time He will be going home and we see each other on skype Sunday night tomorrow.

    I'm glad that my friends are very happy for me and most especially my parents. I'm lucky that my parents respect and understand me when it comes to love life. I thank them for their support, they trust me as well and they respect it whoever I choose a partner whether a local or foreigner as long as I'm happy.That is why my bf feels comfortable with my family since they met him in person.

    In LDR everything is possible it's only a rumors about not working out. It really depends how you handle and base on experience. My bf's family are looking forward to meet me and excited as well I'm praying for it too I want to meet them too.

  17. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I'm so happy to say the good news to my bf that I got my passport finally. Now our problem is the visa and he really wants me to visit him. Because it's hard for us to see us for a year. I remember when my parents don't like because they were thinking so negative that I'm getting married. I was crying why they can't understand me and I love them I know they're concern. But this is maybe the right time I've been waiting for I have many attempts wanted to go abroad not for myself but for them too.

    I obeyed them for so many reasons and when I used to work I was saving my money for my 2nd course in nursing. When they noticed me that I'm depressed and explained to them that my plans with my career and studies is still the same just so happened that I feel in love with such a nice man and down to earth all the way from Europe. I wasn't asking for it but he was doing this because he loves me too.

    I was thinking one how can I repay him one day. I know this is so appreciative that how important I am also this life and he do everything for me. I'm happy that my parents understood and I prove to them that he has no bad intention. What for to introduced to them in person formally at our house right.I'm crossing my fingers to come over there to their place to meet his family and friends they can't wait to see me. Also to see his cute little angels his pets (cats) Bianca and Zabu. I want to be with him also and it's hard to wait for us another year just to be together in real life.

  18. Your story is becoming so alive with your words here. I can actually feel your excitement and joy of meeting him. I can relate to your love tale. The story of Lani and the Swiss man is embedded in my heart. Hope you guys meet and share your affections with flamboyance. My best wishes will always be there…

  19. Anonymous9:53 AM

    We meet in person last year of Novembre but one thing is this time he wants me to visit him so that I will meet his family I'm close to hear sister now she's so nice to me. His close friends knows me too nice to hear from I'm looking forward to meet them in person.Thanks Pallav for believing with us and you truly understand about our situation. Nothing is impossible about LDR. I feel so sad that why we have to be so far away I know it's not our fault we just fell in love and happy about it. Maybe God has still plan for us and testing us how far we can go. But were not assuming too much all we know is were so in love.Do you think Pallav I can got there and approve my visa?

  20. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Yesterday my boyfriend and I met in skype we talk about planning to visit him.I'm praying that I hopefully visit him and to meet his parents and his sister. My bf says to me that I love you even before we met in person. That's is why I'm taking care of his trust me same to him as well. He's also afraid to hurt me and lose me. I love him more than anything in my life.....

  21. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Yesterday, mu parents talked to my boyfriend about the reason why I my parents didn't allow me to visit him. My bf fully understood and they promised to us that after graduation I can visit him.I can see the smile to his face when my parents told him that they trust him and he's part of the family since the beginning. But my bf wants me to visit again and he miss me a lot same to him. My mom now fully understand and noticed that my bf really love me so much and do everything were both in love to each other.

  22. I can feel the love through your words. Waiting to see two souls meeting, smiling and enjoying eternity. Your story is beautiful and your parents too can feel that. They also wants to see you smiling always. Just listen to your heart and you'll see everything working out for you. God Bless :)

  23. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Thanks Pallav long time no hear from you. I'm sure his parents were expecting me and his sister they will understand laso his friends why not now cannot go to my bf's place. This morning he called me we were also both in a out of town with our hometowns to spend long weekend holiday easter what a coincidence. It makes me feel good whenever people heard our lovestory they are more happy for for us. Still a good news then that since I'm not allowed at this moment he will come to visit to be with him.He's the only man that only shows his sincerity and love. Were both in love to each other. We both don't want lose anymore.

  24. Anonymous5:07 PM

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  25. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I'm deliriously happy that my boyfriend visited me again his 2nd week here in the Philippines. We had our vacation escapade for 1 week in Boracay this was the first time that were together and get to know more. My family and his family as well are happy for us even our close friends. It was so funny with our misunderstanding and later on it's fine at least we know what are moods are there's no perfect for relationship. For what we know we love each other and nothing will change I just hope and pray. Tonight we have a dinner together with the family also my brother's gf this must me fun.

  26. Anonymous6:52 PM

    It was a sad day for us that he's leaving again. This was the day it was devastating that he have to go back and we can't do anything. I f only there's an easiest way to go with him I would go. I love him so much......Same to him and he can't stop to cry that he don't want to leave me too until the airport. I know this is for a moment I know this is hard for us but we believe that one day we will be together. This makes me more inspired to do my best to finish my last yr of my nursing and hopefully to pass the board exam that's my aim. This is not the end we will still have happy moments together. Since he came to my life that how I felt true love to him. Before he enter to his board pass we hugged to tight and kiss me more and more so romantic we don't care anymore people around us it's like in the movie........We will miss each other again and I called him last night his stop over to Singapore while he's waiting for his boarding going to Swiss we talk and he was ok. But somehow everytime like right now I can't control to cry but I have to be strong we can be together again........