Life After Death Story - Truth About Life After Death Revealed!

12 o’ clock midnight, Calcutta University, 1979, Room No. 13, three boys and candles.

Debashish Mukherjee, Supratik Dey and Shantanu Mitra were friends till they knew the secret. That December night was different…The wintry cold waves still touch them whenever they remember that moment. These guys unknowingly deciphered the truth. They got the answer…The story begins with them.

Debashish was a chain smoker, Supratik was a womanizer and Shantanu was a blend of both Deb and Supratik. They were ordinary guys with a higher taste for life. They wanted to know the secret. They decided to do a spirit call. The planchet and the candles were ready. Today we will do it brothers—Dev told Supratik and Shantanu. Their idea was to call a good spirit for staying on the safer side. So, they decided to call the spirit of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

So let’s start brothers—Shantanu whispered with a hint of nervousness. They began to concentrate and call the Holy Spirit. The wind started making sounds. The stillness of their room was suddenly interrupted. There was light all around. A young and healthy Rabindranath Tagore appeared in front of them. Everything was different that night. The sight of the Holy Spirit enlightened them. What happens after death, Sir? They asked him.

The answer----- When I opened my eyes, I saw some people crying. I couldn’t recognize them. The air was hazy that day. I woke up from my bed and started searching for a known face. I could spot my uncle. He was sad too. I asked him—what is happening uncle, why everybody is crying here? What’s the matter? He couldn’t recognize me. He said nothing though. I started searching for my friend Madhav and finally, I found him. His eyes were wet too. He also couldn’t recognize me and gave no answer. Finally, I went to my sister. I knew my sister will surely tell me. She loves me a lot. Sister, why are you crying? Why your eyes are wet? Why you’re not giving me any suggestions today? Why you’re sad? Why everybody is crying? Why nobody is listening to me?

The silence of my sister gave me all the answers. I am no more among them. I am no more a part of this planet. I realized that I am dead. I went towards a fading light that guided me to a bright tunnel. The journey of my life ended there…..


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  2. This one is really good....spirit call's....get my nerves!!

  3. Nice story though a bit scary. All the best for your next one!!!

  4. Thanx Anonymous, Rohit and sush!

  5. It is an oft-cited version. Read An odyssey into other realms of thought availble in It will clear you.