What Girls Want – Shocking Secrets About Girls Exposed!

Well, what girls want in a man is definitely a tough question to answer but after reading these facts, you’ll surely be able to master the art of seduction. It can be both emotional and physical seduction. You don’t have to go for some magic potions after reading this article. What girls want in a man? Wait; don’t be in a hurry…I know you are desperately trying to know the facts.

Top 3 Shocking Secrets About Girls Exposed!

Girls are fond of guys with tremendous self confidence. It sounds cliché but it’s the only fact. They want to mingle with a leader. They hate losers. Yet, they are likely get attracted to a good smelling guy. Therefore, wear the nicest perfume for impressing the girl of your dream. I am not an expert lover but I know a girl’s psyche. They are extremely emotional. You should preferably soothe her heart for reaching her bed. It’s sounding little boring I guess. So, I am giving you an alternative. You can also impress a girl by appreciating her. Keep flattering her and one day you will see her knocking your door.

Girls love to be admired. They love to hear about themselves. Stop talking about yourself when you meet them rather you should listen to them. Girls are unpredictable, adventurous and energetic. They love to experiment. Yet, you should take precautionary measures before experimenting anything unknown.

If you have a wonderful butt then you are obviously going to score a lot. Girls are fond of toned butts. Even boys are generally attracted to woman with an interesting butt. If you are starving to know more, then keep reading my blog.


  1. Hey...
    Bloghopped here... Nicely built blog!!!
    I feel girls also get attracted to intelligence!!!
    What say???
    Hope to see you around!!

  2. Quite true Niharika!

  3. Anonymous1:12 AM

    truth is girls are always unique in their on way.

  4. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Gross. This is what I call the objectification of girls. We aren't objects, neither are there any hard & fast rules. Different types of girls like different guys. One thing's for sure... no girl in her right mind would like you (okay maybe only the really thrashy ones)

  5. Thanks for your profound comments! I was missing them!

  6. Anonymous7:23 AM

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  7. LOL??? Men with nice butt???hehehe good one dude...nice observation i say...and all this while men took the cake of checking out a girls assets :)