Volkswagen Viral Ad - Best Viral Campaign Unveiled!

Today I stumbled against an interesting site called viral blog! It was a superb day for me as I got to laugh a lot through this amazing website. The funniest part is that I saw a masterpiece. It was a creative work designed and executed by one of the most powerful ad agencies called DDB. The ad basically illustrates the lighter side of life. It has more life and hilarity. I can say that it is the perfect presentation for life by life itself! I am feeling quite happy after seeing this commercial because it reflects humanity, freedom and ecstasy.

The commercial is shot completely in a metro station in Odenplan, Stockholm. The big guys call it the fun theory campaign. It tries to break the monotony of urban laziness.

This Volkswagen commercial was a huge success. It received unbelievable views of 1300000 plus in 5 days. This commercial is just like our own Idea walk when you talk campaign! If you are a true believer of joy like me than I am sure you’re going to smile after seeing this wonderful video. This thought can also be a cornerstone for eradicating obesity!


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