Viral Marketing – It’s All About Obsessive Advertising!

Everyone can be an advertiser now. Shocked! Don’t be….Viral Marketing is a simple technique to promote your brand without the interference of any advertising agency. You can sell your products yourself now. You can easily use the power of big social networking sites like facebook, orkut etc. for creating a selling brand!

The online market is expanding rapidly, which is creating opportunities as well as threats to the current advertisers. People nowadays are promoting their videos, contents, songs through YouTube, online journals etc. and collecting praises from the world audience.

The term viral marketing was coined by Harvard Business School graduate Tim Draper and Jeffrey Rayport (A faculty in Harvard Business School).

It’s All About Obsessive Advertising!

I was also infatuated with this term years ago when I was pursuing my MBA. Time is changing and I am getting more and more fascinated towards this process because you don’t have to invest anything for starting your business online. You just have to know a little bit of psychology, some literature and few secret online tricks.

How Can You Become A Viral Marketing Guru?

Gosh! How can I tell you the secret! I can only give you some hints. To be a viral advertiser, you have to have a big social networking circle online. You can easily spread the word through them.

Life of a viral marketer is pretty cool! You have to socialize and work hard for getting your due.

Start taking part in forums, create your niche audience and be an expert. Everyone in this world is born with a talent. Viral Marketing is all about flaunting your expertise with the whole world without inviting any advertisers. Create your own ads and distribute them online. You never know, one day you may be sitting with Bill Gates.

“Hey boy stop distributing dreams, you should better sleep”----said Mr. Reality!

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  1. I am no MBA dude or anything, but I have faintly heard the term doin the rounds here...Infact someone even showed me a huge "joker" campaign which was used to promote the epic "Dark Knight". I am guessing you must ave been through it already...incase you havent, do check it out!

    Scribblers Inc.

  2. Spot-on! It was quite a creative interpretation of my article! Keep reading blogger…