Urban Muse – Top 3 Urban Dreams Unveiled!

I have some fascinating urban dreams! It’s getting quite snazzy with each passing day. Well, everybody living in a metropolitan city goes through these feelings once in their lifetime. I am not an exception!

Top 3 Urban Dreams Unveiled!

You need to be a billionaire for driving a Lamborghini in India. Yesterday I saw one and I was completely blown by its captivating appearance. I tried to steal a glimpse of the driver through its windows but unfortunately I couldn’t see him/her. Broom! I want to drive this crazy car one day.

After a brief introspection, I thought of another muse. Yes, you got me right. I want to date Kim Kardashian. She is my latest crush. I keep updating my crush list quite frequently though.

Temptations are bad. One should try to fill his or her desires with simple joy. It’s tough to control your feeling sometimes, but it’s mandatory to be realistic in an urban setting. Our wish list goes on increasing with each passing day. We try to do things without giving a second thought. We slog and finally we give up. I am not a material boy but I do pine for certain things in my life. I crave for an unending happiness. The one who was driving that Lamborghini must be craving for the same. ….A silent smile continues!

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  1. dreams are life saving drugs for dreamers.....dreams are the essence of life....so just keep dreaming!!

    i am a dreamer, i can't live without my dreams...