An Unconventional Hate Story - It’s All About Love!

It all started with a scrap! Hi, I am Sonia, How are you? ---5 days ago

It was a bright sun-drenched morning. Rohan as usual was late for his office. He is a young, fine-looking, sensible guy. Rohan never hangs around in social networking sites like orkut, facebook etc. His friend list is almost empty. He is completely an outdated chap. He is a corporate sales executive though!

Sonia on the other is a vibrant young writer, who recently completely her mass communication degree. She mostly stays online…..

Both these characters are completely opposite to each other. However, they have something in common. Yes! A common friend called Shanky.

Shanky loves Sonia. He follows her everywhere. In twitter, facebook, hi5 etc.etc. But Sonia loves Rohan. It’s sounding like a triangular love story. Nah! It’s not a love story for sure!

Today, its Rohan’s birthday! He is 23. Sonia was the first person to wish him followed by Shanky.
After, 1 year….Rohan died! Sonia never met him. Her scrap is in still lying in his account.

Hi, I am Sonia, How are you? ---1 year ago

Actually, there was no Rohan and no Shanky! Sonia created them and she destroyed them. They are Sonia’s fake Orkut accounts!

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  1. Anonymous1:34 AM

    never thought for this kind ending."interesting"

  2. Thanks for your appreciation!

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  3. you have a very nice writing style, it just gets you to start reading very intently. really nice. :)

    keep blogging!!

  4. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Good one...super twist :P

    Keep bloggin to keep urself rockinn

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  5. Whoa!!!
    Where did that come from?

    Totally unexpected..... totally rocked!

  6. Thanks a ton Saurabh for your generosity.

    It’s quite heartwarming to receive such wonderful appreciations. Keep Reading!