Recession And Relationships - Tips To Balance Your Work And Relations During Recession!

The world is facing crisis in abundance. Everyone is affected by its perverted influence. Companies are going bankrupt and relationships are breaking down into bits and pieces. A techie in US is eating noodles for saving his last penny while a farmer in the remotest corner of the world is praying for the rains. Undoubtedly, it’s the darkest period of my existence! John’s girlfriend ran away because he lost his job. Mr.Obama is trying his best to save his countrymen by extending loan repayment periods while our politicians are traveling by trains instead of their posh choppers. The nightlife from New York to Mumbai is affected while shopaholics are changing into pet lovers these days. The world is definitely witnessing a change.
Tips To Balance Your Work And Relations During Recession!
I can understand the trauma of losing a lucrative job due to global crisis. It’s difficult to fulfill all your commitments especially your credit card bills. You can easily resolve this problem by joining a different organization with less pay. Tell your girlfriend or boyfriend to motivate you constantly.
I know it’s difficult to live the same lifestyle with a low income but you can easily cut down your expenditure for sometime. Do freelancing for earning some extra bucks. Work more and party less! It’s the best way to beat recession.
Be loyal to your girlfriend or boyfriend for obtaining constant support. It’s not the right time to flirt. Spend less and save more although it sounds boring. FYI, I am still trying! Start blogging. I bet you will feel much better.
You can easily balance your work and personal life by being truthful to yourself! Phew….
Now go and have some black tea. It was too heavy I guess!
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    do you really understand the meaning of relationship