Promiscuous Relations – Is Promiscuity Or One Night Stands Bad?

Giacomo Casanova and Don Juan were typically known for their promiscuity. Men are basically promiscuous in nature while women with such behavior are touted to be immoral. Is Promiscuity Or One Night Stands Bad? Well, it varies from person to person and culture to culture. India being a conservative country declares promiscuity bad but there are people who perform this so-called immoral activity day and night. Unconventional relationships do exist everywhere. It’s not a myth anymore. People tend to go astray sometimes but that doesn’t mean he or she is corrupt.

Is Promiscuity Or One Night Stands Bad?

May be an urban teenager from New York, London, New Delhi or Bangalore finds it to be a cool thing but sleeping with different people may cause trauma and disaster sometimes. Everybody can’t be a Casanova.

I don’t think one stands are bad but one should always try to avoid them. These activities can create bad memories which mostly keep lingering throughout your life. In order to live a guilt free life, one should try to avoid promiscuity. It’s difficult for many people to stay in a relationship, which consequently leads to all these activities.

Life in a metro is quite fast and people tend to forget their moral codes. They try to experience these hedonistic pleasures, which may affect them and their partner in the long run.

One night stand is not bad but one should never make this a habit. You should try to learn from your mistakes. Loving and caring a single person matters a lot in your life. It gives you a nice feeling. Staying in a relationship is the best thing in life while breakups and promiscuity can easily mess up of your life.

You can easily reform your life anytime. Try to learn the act of loving your partner. I bet you will create lifetime memories.

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