Orkut Promote - Latest Application Launched By Orkut!

Orkut is planning for a great leap to stardom with this newest feature called “Promote”. Now you can easily promote your favorite videos, pictures, communities and even blogs through this unique gadget. It’s a fabulous widget for any unheard blogger like me. It was a pleasant surprise to see this innovative thing that can jazz up orkut and thwart the progression of Facebook with ease. This gizmo can multiply like good bacteria throughout the World Wide Web.

If you have something to sell or promote, you should directly log onto your orkut account and search for the option called “Promote” below the “Events” button. You can easily rise to stardom overnight if you have loyal and lovable friends. So what are you waiting for? Go and sell your thoughts, ideas, dreams and products with flamboyance now.

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    me waiting for some interesting poem like zebra crossing

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    Something interesting is coming soon!