Live-In Relationships – Pros And Cons of Living Together Without Marriage Unveiled!

Delhi, Bangalore, New York and London! Almost every cosmopolitan city is affected by the syndrome called Live-in! Well, it’s touted to be the coolest thing but how far these relations go from here. I have seen my friends following this lifestyle with panache without guilt. I am not jealous rather I am inspired and enthralled to see them.

They have the liberty to flaunt their day-to-day emotions with flamboyance. India being a conservative and religious country fortunately allows these relationships to flourish and blossom. Living with your partner can be fun.


If you love to stay in a bigger apartment and nicer location, then you are the perfect bet for this. You can easily share a big flat with your partner by sharing and caring.

You can have the best home cooked meals daily. If you don’t know cooking, then you can easily take up dish washing. You don’t have to spend your money on long distance phone calls.

The best part of this relationship is independence. You are free from responsibilities. If marriage is not your cup of tea then here’s the solution. Go for a live–in relationship. Guys I am not against it, but I am also not for it. I am a neutral guy who knows how to balance between them!


You have to compromise. It’s the biggest challenge for a live-in couple. They have to tolerate each other’s irritating friends, relatives etc.

You can’t flirt. You will be easily caught by your partner.

Insecurity, boredom and monotony are some of its salient features. You should tackle them with ease otherwise you’re not the right person to be in relationship.

Life is changing, so are human beings. The divorce rate is going high. Marriage is no more a fascination. But amid all these changes, there is only one thing constant-that is love. If you love someone truly then you can adjust with him or her at any situation. So love more, hate less and enjoy your journey called life with open arms.

P.S: I am not in a live-in relationship.

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  2. There are many Advantages of Cohabitation...

    While marriage is touted as THE only way to truly have a successful, committed relationship, there are many distinct advantages to cohabitation that are often overlooked, a few of which are as follows:

    1) Time-bound

    One BIG advantage of cohabitation is that it is NOT until death do you part. Instead, it’s more likely bound by the one-year lease you have on your apartment or some other form of limitation set up in your calendar. It can be beneficial to talk upfront about the relationship’s “life-span!” You should consider declaring a particular date 6 or 12 months out, and then sit down at that time to evaluate how well the relationship is going. If things have been good, perhaps you pick a longer time horizon until you do your next check up. If things have not gone well, you’ll more likely find it easier to end the relationship…. the lease is up and so is our time together.

    2) Maintain Individuality

    One assumption of marriage, like the unity candle ceremony demonstrates during the wedding, is that two people become one. However, suppose you’re not ready to take this bold step. Cohabitation allows you to work on building a relationship without necessarily giving up your individuality. A “separate but equal” approach can help reduce the anxiety that you might feel if you were to “lose yourself” in the relationship. No relationship gets better based on how much you give up to be in it. Living together is a low risk method to see IF you can live with someone, full-time and not diminish your individuality in the process.

    3) Eliminate Illusions

    It’s been said the if “love is blind” then “marriage is an institution for the blind!” It’s normal that in the early stages of a dating relationship, each partner is trying to put their best foot forward. One of the real shocks that can occur after marriage is to discover that the person you married is not who you thought. Cohabitation affords you the time for the illusions to disappear and the real person to emerge. When this happens in marriage and the image does not match the reality, it can send a shock wave through the marriage and creates a sense of being trapped in a deception. Instead, by living together, while you may be shocked by the reality of your partner’s hygiene habits, lack of anger management, passive-aggressive sniping, at least you’re not trapped… see #1 above.

    4) Practice Equality

    Successful relationships are about many things including creating a sense of equality. In days gone bye, it was not expected that the man and woman were equals. The man ruled and no one questioned it, despite what may have been disastrous consequences. Now, however, “power with” vs. “power over” is one key to making an intimate relationship work. During the dating phase of a relationship, it’s easy to maintain a “balance of power!” He picks a restaurant, she picks a movie and next time the roles shift. Once you move in together, you have the chance to see just how equal you are with your partner. The question of who controls the TV remote, who cleans the kitchen or who does laundry is quickly answered. The outcome is an important piece of information for you to know about your partner. If you are lucky, your partner values equality and if he or she does not, at least you learned it before walking down the aisle.

    While it has been said by many naysayers of cohabitation that you cannot “practice” commitment, I say bunk. Cohabitation has some real advantages over getting married, at least in the short term. The above are just a few.

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