Kim Kardashian – My Muse – Facts About Kim Kardashian!

-->Kim Kardashian is one of the most beautiful women on Earth. Although she is burdened with many controversies but I admire her divine looks. Her smile exudes magnificence. She walks like a dream. She is the epitome of beauty. She is every poet’s muse.

Who Is She?

She is an American model and television host. She isn’t a top-notch Hollywood actress but she dictates the popularity chart in U.S. She flaunts a cosmopolitan look and heavenly shape. She is bold, forthright, simple and divine.

My Muse
I may sound little cliche but I truly love her outward appearance. She is my Helen and Cleopatra. She undoubtedly possesses a mouthwatering appeal. Her tantalizing curves can cause catastrophe.

Kim Kardashian Is Beautiful

She is the perfect blend of red wine and poetry! Jennifer Lopez is her inspiration. This lovely lady from west believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her beauty secrets are plain and simple.

She Can Sell Any Product With Flamboyance!

I know people crave to include her name with any beauty product for increasing sales but I want her to endorse peace, love and freedom. I want her to spread the word called non-violence.
In the world full of so much hate, beautiful people like them can act like a genie. They can transform the world with ease…A smile continues!

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