Ideas To Bunk Office – Most Effective Office Bunking Techniques Unveiled!

Office, work pressure and responsibilities! It’s not fair to take the entire load on your small head. Sometimes you should take a break for celebrating your freedom with flamboyance. So, I am here for giving you some exclusive ideas for bunking office! I am sure you’ll accomplish something by following these sincere instructions. I never thought of sharing these secret potions but my friend asked me to write something different. Hmm….

Most Effective Office Bunking Techniques Unveiled!

One of the most honest lie would be about your ill-health. But, it’s quite widespread. Umm…You can easily say that one of your friends got hospitalized and you are the only support system in the whole city. That sounds better! What you say? You can also spice up the tale by narrating a little bit about his crazy biking habits. Don’t exaggerate it much though. I am sure your HR would be kind enough to give you two days leave instead of one. Hurray, now you can meet your girlfriend. Warning! Don’t try to hang around near your office at any cost.

One of my friends always uses this idea. Actually he pretends to be too “sharif” decent, which he’s not. Last week he took two days leave on the pretext of attending his friend’s grandmother’s death anniversary. But I found the excuse to be great. Next time, you can also use this extremely decent excuse.

P.S: All the characters including me in this article are fictional. Please try it at your own risk!

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  1. Don't you have any vacation days to apply for? Why do you need to use all these excuses?

  2. No vacation days Madhu....I am sad!:-(

  3. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Interesting for me//