Generation Yawn! Some Serious Thoughts From The Confused Generation

“I will die without doing anything. I am good for nothing. I am still a vagabond. Well, these thoughts usually disturb us and we feel like doing something great overnight, which is nothing but sheer impatience. We want instant gratification, we want immediate recognition”. --- Rajeev (A college dropout).

“I also think like Rajeev, but I am little older than him. I am 26. My friends are doing extremely well. They are managers, doctors, engineers and scientists but I am still confused. I have a responsibility-phobia. I am self-obsessed and I have all the bad habits but still I believe I can make it big someday because I assume I am at least honest”. --- John (A freelance writer).

“I think myself to be a super girl with all the qualities of a diva. I am sexy, cool and desirable. I have two boyfriends and five helpers, I mean time pass. They all treat me well. They take me to the nicest restaurants and bars. I like Vivek the most because he is so cute. My only ambition in life is to make Vivek mine forever”.--- Sonia (Student)

“I love freedom! I have wings and I want to touch the peak. I love reading books and people’s mind. I am an online girl. Oh! I love poetry too”. --- Akriti ( Blogger)

“Hey dude wassup? Let’s go to hard rock café. It is playing Morrison tonight. I really love the ambiance man. It’s fucking cool. Why don’t you take your GF along with you?”---Vikrant (Good soul- a party animal)

These are some sound bytes from Generation Yawn! If you are not like them, then you are unique. I mean you’re from the serious era. There lots more coming from my think box to give you a brief idea about the future---The Youth!

P.S: All the characters are fictional.

Keep reading, thinking and partying!

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