How To Kill A Zombie?

  I can see people walking
I can see them occupying every district
Entering big cities and small towns
The crowd is increasing
Every corner is captured
Even I am not spared…

Welcome to the world of Zombies


We are pacing towards development ….Are we guys turning into zombies with each passing day and joining the herd of a lifeless soul…What if we are unable to hear our heartbeats as we get swayed away by the mechanical and robotic world. What if humanities vanish out of a sudden and we lose those pieces of literary bliss?

What if the growing world converts us into zombies?


A zombie is an animated human body devoid of a soul. In modern-day versions these are usually reanimated or undead corpses, which were conventionally called "ghouls."
In philosophy of mind, zombies are theoretical persons who lack full consciousness but behave otherwise just like other people. They are referred to as philosophical zombies or "p-zombies".
During my graduation days, I was too much into absurd literature and hence I got fascinated towards Rhinoceros (French original title Rhinoceros) is a play by Eugène Ionesco, written in 1959. The play belongs to the school of drama known as the theatre of the absurd. Over the course of three acts, the residents of a small, provincial French town turn into rhinoceroses; the central character, Bérenger, a frustrated everyman figure who is often criticized throughout the play for his drinking habits and sluggishness, is ultimately the only human who does not surrender to this mass metamorphosis. Well, may be I am replacing rhinoceros by zombies here.
I am only predicting things and I don’t think things will ever remain same as before as we are moving away from the classical era to an ultra modern era….where a laptop has replaced a typewriter, an I-pod has replaced a gramophone so why not zombies replace those rhinoceros of Ionesco. Things are changing now and so are the soul of a human being is on the road for metamorphosis!
How to Kill a Zombie?
The zombies are hard-to-kill unless you know how. Their bodies are fragile and can be easily damaged... They feel no pain and do not care to protect themselves or defend themselves. Their only motivation is to attack the living. To kill zombies, you have to:
Destroy their brain. If you destroy the nerve centers of the brain, particularly the modules that control motor functions or the brain stem, you disable the zombie. Cutting its head off means that it can't control its body, and the body becomes a normal dead body.
Burn them. A burning zombie will normally become distressed, more confused than normal, and will sometimes attempt to pat it out (though it can never succeed). After a while, the zombie will fall down. Fire will repeatedly scare zombies and keep them at bay.
Demolish them by crippling and destroying their whole body. Blazing pyres are the best place to dispose of the body.
Guys what do you think we should do to spread global peace and prevent zombies from intruding human mind?
Dee says “You spoke of the increase of materialism, dishonesty and greed will convert everyone into a zombie and I won't disagree. I guess most get stuck in the material world also labeled as the "RAT RACE" of the world. They try to get the better paying jobs, make more and end up only competing to show their worth by what they can buy. Materialism and dishonesty are two traits that are not biased of any race, creed, color or religion. It lives and like a disease gets spread across every inch of our world. I guess the human that exists without enjoyment and appreciation of life could be classified as a zombie. I never really thought of a zombie in that respect before. I just thought of them more as narrow-minded people with a goal of Power, fame and fortune that leaves them with a void in their life because they never seem to get enough. Climbing up ladders as they step on everyone to get to where they think they should be.
World peace would be awesome but I don't think it will ever be seen. As long as there is: Someone that feels cheated. Someone fights to obtain power. The thought is one of the noblest one ever thought. But achieving it takes more then words and actions.... it takes a world of people "WITH SOULS”.
As I have mentioned above Zombies are on their mission to eliminate and convert us like them. So guys let us not come under their trap. Let’s try to feel the beauty around us. Why not dance in the rain and try to smell the fragrance of a blossoming flower, eat more ice creams, dream more and distribute love as much as we can. Let’s not kill animals, preserve trees and go green…why can’t we take a small walk in the evening instead of burning oil of our cars? Why cant we stop fighting with each other for power and embrace each other and have more power…If we can add smile to someone’s life and give time to our loved ones then Zombies can’t attack us rather they will convert into human beings like us. …..
I wish someone could hear me
I wish someone could feel me
I wish someone could value my words
I wish materialism vanished from this earth
I wish for an ideal world!!!

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