What Is The Best Thing In Life?

Only a very sad person knows the true meaning of bliss. The best thing in life is sheer happiness. I am a firm believer of joy. Mostly due to work pressure, fast paced life and long distance relationships, we experience a sense of boredom. We crave to get a glimpse of our loved ones. We suffer from a symptom called “Urban Loneliness”. Although, we always keep a smile in our face, but our inner self craves for a comforting shoulder.

The best thing in life is always concealed in our pain and solitude. My childhood memories constantly remind me of joy. I could see those faces of my parents, siblings, relatives and friends. Sometimes I feel like returning back home and start a new life. But now, I think every thing is written. It’s destined and hence I am writing this piece today without thinking anything. I haven’t decided yet but my fingers deny stopping.

It’s usually difficult to make others happy. We keep forgetting things and we end up breaking relationships. We torture ourselves by becoming an outsider. We lock our doors and shut our emotions. Sometimes we need companions and sometimes we don’t. The journey of life offers different phases. You go through the greatest times as well as a period of complete silence. Nothing is everlasting, it keeps changing but the best thing in life always remains the same - happiness!

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  1. Anonymous12:18 AM

    very sad.... person like u ....can't make other's happy.. very true..as ur selfish, cheater, plays with other emotions ....such a evil ur. and ur writing ;r also like that.

  2. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Exactly! U r not man enough to keep urself and anyone happy. And trying to win people's sympathy by blogging here like u really care for their happiness! People like u can say things like these "it's written" or "it's destined" only. And talking of emotions, u r as heartless as a next lying stone. But do remember- what goes around, comes around!