Urban Loneliness – Facts About Urban Boredom Unveiled!

From New York to New Delhi, Urban Loneliness is a regular phenomenon. It’s becoming a new lifestyle. Most of the flats in an urban setting are occupied by only one member or maybe two (including his/her pet). You sometimes feel bad and really miss a family when you have to eat your dinner always alone. Fast paced life, over demanding job and a desire to make it big some day are the biggest factors for this type of lifestyle. However, it can be a fashionable existence if you know the tricks.

Facts About Urban Boredom Unveiled!

It’s not an unhappy way of living rather it’s the most responsible part of your life. You can flaunt your freedom with flamboyance by creating your own world.

There are no restrictions, no boundaries. However, you feel much disappointed in your weekends when you have no one to visit your apartment. You shop, eat and laugh alone. You have no one to pamper.

Sometimes you feel like talking to your walls but unfortunately they don’t have ears! The world is pacing towards a robotic horizon. It’s killing all the emotions. It is transforming everyone into a gadget. There is no time to eat, pray and love.

Twitter, facebook and blogspot are the only companions . Urban loner socializes virtually and smiles artificially. He listens to music to escape. He visits a coffee shop alone. Phew! Loneliness can be a big baggage of boredom.

Not every everyone living in a cosmopolitan city goes through this. They are the lucky ones unlike me………

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  2. Thanks for the honest criticism. This was better!

  3. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Well pallav,
    The thing to remember is that...We r all alone and we r together in this!!
    Aren't we?
    So njoi being alone :)