Monotonous Life – Do Monotony Stimulates Creativity Or Destroys It?

I was always under an impression that loneliness and monotony stimulates creativity. However, I was quite wrong. It diminishes your internal fire. You need constant incentives for nurturing your creativity. After writing so many stupid articles, finally I am on the verge of an end. My vocabulary sounds monotonous, my prepositions going wrong and my life going nowhere.

Do Monotony Stimulates Creativity or Destroys It?

It’s like a silent killer. It not only devastates your imagination but also annihilates your emotions. It makes you like a stone – unperturbed, silent! The joy of living no more excites you. It curses you every now and then. Monotony makes you a devil without a smirk. The void seems to increase every day.

Huh! No more dark scribbles and violins now. The smoke will fade away very soon. Who says, creativity can’t be re-generated. It can be raised with lavishness. It’s time to break to rupture the repetitiveness.
It’s time to eat more ice creams and feel the rains again. It’s time to enjoy the small pleasures of life. You can’t always ponder upon yesterday’s mistakes. We should constantly search for a new beginning….We can easily combat monotony by creating new interests.

Love will again shower upon our lives. Everyone you hated or loved will comeback to your life. You’ll be blessed with good friends….One should preferably kick dullness and embrace life with zest. Creativity is a nice blend of happiness and monotony though.

Learn cooking and start treating yourself. I will be doing lots of things this year to shed the dullness from my life. So, smile now… more tragic stories and lonely songs. Oh I forgot! It’s time for my lunch….

Another stupid article ends here….

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  1. Anonymous3:23 AM

    u forgot to write "blessed with good girlfriends."

    please rectify......

  2. Anonymous3:29 AM

    keep repeating ur mistakes...And one day u will be nowhere....

    Creativity comes from the purity of heart..which is lacking in u.

    so start with new rules.. which can make others happy & even bring happiness in ur life...success will start from their.

  3. Pallav, good post. According to me, everyday is new and every incident in unique. Its just that we do not take time to live-in-the-moment. If you are referring to work schedule, even that is unique. We just don't seem to notice it. We often think about past, future but never take time to enjoy the present...
    once that happens, new doors will automatically open.
    P.S: No, I am not into Osho.