I Am Not A Sinner But I Am Not God Too!

Sometimes you feel like a dog when things go haywire. Relationships start breaking down into pieces. Suddenly you are into a dungeon surrounded by blood drinkers. It’s the only time when you realize your mistakes. You try to resolve them but in vain.

Time and relations are never constant. They keep on moving. Sometimes they give happiness and the very next moment they can turn out to be all pain. You are swamped with blames and hammered with words. You can’t survive the tantrums of your loved ones so easily. Silence is the only answer to those unanswered questions.

If you have created a grave mistake, then apologize. I know it can’t fix your blunders but it can easily heal your pain. You can easily preserve your happiness by confessing everything to God. Learning from mistakes is the next best thing after apologies.

This article is dedicated to all my friends and my loved ones who feel cheated by their partners. It’s also for someone like me who constantly keeps committing mistakes. I have said my words. I hope every broken relationship will reunite after reading this. It’s not the moral of my article rather it’s a confession from my side to all my loved ones who believes that I am a liar or a cheater! Relationships from heart are meant to stay forever. It shouldn’t fade away overnight!

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  1. Anonymous3:50 AM

    good way of getting forgiveness; but truly speaking one has to pay for his deeds. And evils like u can't do good or improve any his mistakes as mistake & making others hurt are the part of their character.

  2. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Look who's talking! And plz don't feel like a dog, dogs r at least faithful.

  3. Hey Pallav...really a nice & meaningful post....God bless as you write..and find the real meaning in your life!!! Blessings to your work - Manna.