How To Escape From Reality? Tips To Find Happiness By Escaping Reality

Escaping reality can be the best answer to all your pain. It can easily transport you to a different world. How to escape from reality? You should feel the joy from your chosen world by leaving the baggage of truth behind. It’s again a Saturday evening; my friends are most probably enjoying the live cricket match between India and Pakistan but a silent blogger (that’s me) is scribbling down his thoughts from a noiseless corner of his planet. He is actually trying to find contentment in all his pain.

Tips To Find Happiness By Escaping From Reality

Dreaming: It is considered to be the best way to escape truth. You can easily transform yourself into a superman and meet your girlfriend who lives miles away from you. You can visit Venice, Madrid or Paris without paying the plane tickets. You can even attend a Linkin Park concert. Phew! Actually you can do everything.

Music: It is the best healer of all times. You can easily escape by listening to your favorite song. It can be anything from soft rock to blues. All genres are equally musical and expressive.

Blog: Finally, if you are a geek or a writer like me, then you can blog! It’s one of the best ways to escape. Even John Keats would have appreciated this for sure.


  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    You should try to change yourself now...its high time, you should grow up, you are not a bad person, but you should not hurt others for your own temporary are ruining your own image infront of others.
    Concentrate on your career and stop wasting yours as well as somebody else's valuable time, or else you are going to regret.

    your wellwisher

  2. Dear Well wisher

    Thanks for showering your comments for my madness. I know I made a mistake but that doesn’t mean that I can’t rectify it. However, I am blessed to have a well-wisher like you who constantly keeps guiding me.

    Thanks for all the love and hate!

  3. Anonymous4:20 AM

    grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Well, u have not made "a" mistake, u have made a number of them and yes on purpose. N u can never rectify them bcoz they r not balance sheets but people's lives. N dear Well-Wisher this guy is not a "bad person" but a vermin n doesn't care abt anyone's feelings including yours. He is trying to gain ur sympathy now, but he'll turn out to be the greatest emotional blackmailer u might have ever known. I must add he has no career, he's ruined.

  5. Vermin! Oh please "anonymous". If you can't praise anybody then please don't try to throw mud also. You have no privileges to decide about my career. I have not given you freedom to hit below the belt. I don't care about your condemnation.

  6. Anonymous7:23 AM

    If u don't care about condemnation then why did u reply? Am I throwing mud at u? Oh! that's ur prerogative, sorry to have shared ur exclusive rights! I know u can't do anyone's good, so why have u created nuisance in other people's lives? Hitting below belt....u deserve that PERVERT---and it goes without saying that all ur thoughts lie in that same region only. And do u think that I need your permission? I really don't know what u think of yourself!!Typical!