Sometimes I Feel Like Possessing An Aladdin’s Lamp!

Like everybody I love to dream. It’s an inspiring feeling to imagine a dreamy life full of magic. I think I am loosing the power of imagination. I still remember my college days when I use to be a complete brat. But time molds everyone. After a brief stint in travel writing in one of the best travel agencies I shifted to another world of advertising. The level of creative satisfaction differs though in both my jobs but I am learning a lot everyday.

From the past two years I am slogging to find my way and I am still discovering things. Everyday when I come back to my room, I start thinking about a life of magic and dreams. I try to transform my life into an easy existence. I strive to forget every bad happening and seek to recollect the moment of joy. I talk to my loved ones.

The idea of possessing an Aladdin’s lamp always captivated me. I love to flaunt a life with full power. Some fictional characters such as the invisible man, super man and now Aladdin keeps on fascinating me with their unique superpowers. My love for fairytale rejuvenates everyday and I try to mold my existence with them. I remain unaffected by any materialism and accomplish a situation of pure nirvana.

I am writing about this because everyone craves for something in their life which remains unfulfilled but the ability to shape your lives according to your emotions is what matters. Lately I have learnt the art of living a blissful life by creating an illusionary world around me.

Here, I have my companions and my enemies, I have my powers and my weaknesses, but luckily I don’t have anything to lose.


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    You have found your Alladin's lamp
    Please do not feel as a mere words tramp
    Your pen has enlightened your reader
    While its colours were growing brighter
    You have no need for an Alladin's lamp
    You already play some very sweet vamp

    (French listener)

  2. Thanks French listener for loving my words. I am blessed to have a reader like you :)