Surrealistic Childhood!

When we were kids, I and my sister use to discuss new words. She was no-doubt a genius with her words. She can mold sentences into exquisite poems but she never use to write them. She is basically a card person. I still remember her collection of cards. She loves to preserve them with extreme care. We use to share our hostel life experiences together. One day she was telling me about a boy whom she saw in a drizzly day. He was humming his favorite song, summer of 69. She told me that the boy was wearing a grey t-shirt. He was some sort of a mystery to her because of his eerie smile. She failed to catch him after that day but the word which was written behind his t-shirt will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The magic and the speculation related with the word "Dejavu" is nothing less than a maze. The more you try to get into it, the more perplex it looks. I have tried to capture every nuances of this interesting phenomenon in my orkut community which can be easily reached by clicking onto the below link.

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