Zebra Crossing!

Hey boy! Can you just throw your weird ideas out of the window?
Can you just stop smoking?
Can you just crop your hair?
Can you be normal?

Can you just stop living!

Everyday I try to see at myself
Each day gives me hope…
Life is not a poem, I say…
I get back tears when I think so.

I drink them and move forward
I stumble and I stand.
I try to remove my worries
And wash my face…wear my specs
Walk ahead with my overcoat….

I see people running, I see them fighting
Phones ringing non-stop!
I see them and smile and go…
I don’t have words for them.
Are they living?

Fast paced roads with high monstrous buildings
Seems like a modern war every day!

As I move, I see some people…
Waiting for me…I recognize them in a crowd
I find them smiling…

I smile and say to myself
Though the traffic seems unstoppable
I have my zebra crossing!

(This poem is dedicated to all my friends!)


  1. hi
    just saw your mail,your blog is nice someday somewhere sometime if u get time visit my blog,


    like your poems try to make poems on our politics,current indian situation ple do vote

  2. great writing dear...such a cute poem

  3. good work..pay a little more attention to your flow and framing..improved definitely...

  4. Thanks Xeenia! Poetry looks good without frames ;-)