I Don't Have Time.......

Some lines
some words
some memories
some love.

Is this what left in my life?

Some thoughts
some friends
some books
some CDs...

Is what I possess?

Everything is so dull now it seems
but how many more days
I will survive this life...
Where the sun, moon and stars are all dark.

Time stops, love stops, everything stops
When it comes to me...
Well I don't have time now
is what I say to myself
every single day....

I think of getting married
I think of driving a Merc…
I think of returning back home
I think lot of things....

But is this what I am made for
what I am...I really wonder
Confused at times.
I want to be a man sometimes from a sheer boy.

My poetic existence means nothing
my poems holds no meaning.
My words seem vague now.
As if I am growing old...

I think little optimism will work.
I think I should grow.

I think I have to do it now...
I think I don't have time....

Is my poem good?
Oh it doesn’t matter though
because they are my true feelings
something very real about me.


  1. i dont know about others, but i simply loved that poem, as i cud c d real pallav here.. god bless u my dear. tk cr.

  2. Anonymous12:23 PM

    hey dude....... simply awsum...... u used very simple english... it means u have command on language.. keep it up..

  3. a poem: an expression of one's feeling and it is best when it reflects that...so it this one! :)

    Its funny how this is the voice of a lot of young minds today...some who are lucky enough to express it (like u, get it out of the system[maybe]) and someone who don't even know what makes them confused, sulk or feel a vacuum....