Musical Boredom

Psychedelic summer
A dazed ambience…
The night falls down
The dawn is about to break
But my mind is engaged with something…
A feeling called “High”

“A musical boredom and a restless aficionado
Seeking solace in his halved dark room”
Wee bit of light from his laptop
And an insomniac soul with a nonsensical thought
Speaks to you …..
“No glass of hemlock, no cigarettes in my kitty
Only smokes of desires
Engulfing all around….”

My city is asleep
Even the roads are empty
No 24- hours departmental store, no food joints found
Well the fact remains ……the same
The whole city is sleeping
But I am awake with my psychedelic visions….

No drinks, no dope, no smoke
Only a musical boredom is all around me…

1 comment:

  1. just wondering hw boredom could be thrives where music prevails.....gud words though.i think i can understand the feelings