Sunk By Reality...Betrayed By Destiny

As I was lazing around in my bedroom doing nothing creative at all,sipping coffee and smoking lots of Marlboros and listening too much of Pink Floyd, I thought to scribble down something .Till now I am just thinking what to write, as bloggers are becoming too critical with each passing day. When I see the bulk of newspapers and magazines thrown onto my balcony, I just wonder is reality, so complicated?. The same things occurring day after day. Stocks were rising and falling, retail sector coming in a big way, new multiplexes, new mobile schemes, mergers and acquisitions phew!!!Really business news sucks out my whole blood and at last I try to pull off my hair and scream…give me a break!!! Well how much you can develop ,how much you will go ,how much competition you will face ?Lastly you seek for the divine happiness which is as hard as finding a safety pin lost in a marbled room. I still wonder the fast paced life is just going towards a robotic world where people will have everything expect a soul. I can see the world turning into a science museum where human beings like you and me will be showcased, labeled as “extinct creatures.” Well I can remember Darwin now…survival of the fittest!!! Darwin must have thought the same thing when he was distributing his theories. I am not here to criticize the growing pace of life but I am here to give you a glimpse of the world if mankind stops using their hearts and go with the flow.Well,we may be labeled as a loser if we try to run away from reality and seek solace in a virtual world ,but this belief is totally a misguiding light for those who want a real big space to exercise their creativity. When I was kid I use think why writers, poets ,musicians, painters keeps long beard, why they stay in an old apartment amidst cockroaches and lizards and those unclean unhygienic cobwebs sticking to their just –to-break walls? After so many years I got the answer as I want to do the same thing if given a chance. I want to be termed as a mad guy as sometimes I think so much that if somebody possesses the strength to look and hear whatever I speak in my mind, he would surely show me the way to any mental asylum. But as every insane fellow says that he is not mad I contradict them for a change. I want to flaunt my madness in the form of words. I want to reach to everyone who is tired of the harsh reality. Everyone who wants a break to break free and are really stressed out!!!Well I remember one guy telling me how he spends his evening as he is also from our tribe of escapists! Well he wears an overcoat and with his hat on, go for a walk and talks to himself and whenever he sees somebody crossing him he just sings a song in order to hide this madness. He is not the only loner talking to himself, Lost in thoughts, there are many such types of would be extinct creatures as mentioned above wondering without a focused aim or they are waiting for a miracles to visit them. You can even observe many heartbroken lovers walking and singing ‘sau dard hai’…well guys I can understand your pain as I went through every situation in my not so old life. But I believe everyone belongs to some community or other. A businessman will find this article useless and a total crap and broker cant even understand it but someone like you and me know what we basically think and seek for. Again a thought is running in my head to write something about those people who tries to suppress you down whenever they get a chance. Those people are energy vampires, they really tries to show us that we are nothing!!!What to do with those kind of people who possesses a complete materialistic heart. They hardly try to understand human feelings rather they try suck our blood with their unfathomable gaze. Well I should end today here by saying that “We will not be in the museum at least as we have also studied Darwin for sure” So guys like you and me still have hope to show these people, what they can’t see with their blurred vision!”
Thank you.

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