Harmless Addict!

It’s totally a dark afternoon with black clouds engulfing the sky; I can see the birds rushing to there nest in search of the pleasant shelter as the rain is about to outbreak. I am feeling the divine muse to scribble down my solitary thoughts. I felt something while I was staring at those black clouds with my cigarette in my hand. I can see the smoke flying away with so much ease. I can see a long thread of haze rising towards eternity. A psychedelic moment where I can see a boy trying to scribble down those small moments of happiness.

I am a full fledged romantic whose every thought ends somewhere with a small piece of a write-up, an avid reader who wants to see the unseen facets of life! His thoughts and those books help him to get the greatest satisfaction of so-called melancholic existence. Well that’s all about the writer in me.Oh! I am abstracted.

Well guys now it's time for the real action. This article is all about those nerds , those writers in disguise, and those lost souls who all are wandering like no-mad souls, those heartbroken lovers, those desperate people who all are seeking the greatest joy of life called love.Well, I can remember those books of my graduation days when I use go through them rather casually but now as I am growing and those words written there is just echoing and I am just flowing towards them with each passing day. Some questions really disturb me sometimes like, why I am not able to cope up with the real fact? Why the feeling of loneliness jumps over me whenever I try to be happy? Why everything doesn’t seem to go with my wish…Its seems they are quite monotonous questions trying to confuse you every now and then. But these feelings can be rare to those people who try to calculate everything with the help of facts.Facts!!!Oh I hate them though but I really admire people who believe the truth and nothing beyond that. They don’t have any complex undesired confusion in life. They are moving ahead without being obstructed. They even have the authority to scoff at us who tries to chase an unreachable dream. 

When I look at myself sometimes I can see a blurred shadow without a proper visibility. I often get lost in the maddening crowd where I can see better people in front of me always. Why I can’t be the best is something which I feel when I face the true reality. But a whisper always guides me and motivates my deep soul to walk on and on. But how far I will be able to go is the unanswered question. I can feel that the glow of my innocence is fading and a dark shroud of hatred is mounting. I am tired of the people calling me confused. These days I am too much into Pink Floyd, the music just makes me high and I again fall in the cave of introspection. I can hear every word clearly and my eyes get drowsy, my thoughts doped, my existence becomes like those bottles of perfume lying in my wardrobe whose fragrances are undeciphered.The feelings of death singers and poets lingers in my mind.. Oh! It's better to burn out than to fade away…well said Mr.Cobain…but I don’t want to fade away so easily and listen Mr. Jim Morrison wherever you are I have stopped following your quotes like “people fear death even more than pain. It’s strange that they fear death. Life hurts a lot more than death. At the point of death, the pain is over.Yeah; I guess it is a friend.” Eventually I love you Mr.Morisson and I have a reason for it…yeah we share our birthdays, 8th December.You are an American Poet and I am an Indian Idiot. You are famous and dead and I am infamous and alive, you are sleeping in your grave peacefully while I can’t even sleep peacefully in my bed. I guess I am carried away with your name so let me divert and walk in a different road in the hope to meet you after a while. Well guys I don’t want to bug you now…

Oh yeah if you are loving it than also I can't write more as my words can make me paralyzed if try to go down deep more and more. Let me sip those glasses of hemlock lying next to me as I want to hear the unheard song of loneliness and sing the song of glory and raise a toast for everyone like us who can’t stop writing!

Thank you


  1. pallav dunno wat else i can say....liked wat u have written and how you have written about ureself...are u a student of psychology by any chance?

  2. pallav dunno wat else i can say....liked wat u have written and how you have written about ureself...are u a student of psychology by any chance?