Bad World

20th March 2006
My first summer job
When I entered the so-called bad world
It’s a place for the swanky and the creators
A place where smoke never fades
Where there is no sunset
Where D-days just makes us fanatical
Welcome to the world of innovations
It’s my kind of place
Yes I m talking about the world of advertising!
Brands just attracts us
Witty talks reverberates all around
Just given a chance we can even make dead cockroach sell…
Chalo, ye ad agency hain jaha everything rocks
‘Cause we are different
We have lots of good habits
We smoke; we drink to hear the song of nightingale
We don’t sleep till we find an idea
We are brand conscious
And mostly we will be found in the pubs
We are happening because we believe
Life is endless and I mean it…
Guys don’t get shocked; Kamasutra is the name which sells
Not Ramayana, enjoy!

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