Valentine Song

The air is filled with pink haze
So is my heart…
The starry sky beckons
She smiles with glee
She walks holding my hands
Stillness touches us
And an eternal joy evolves
When our souls meet
And our desires fulfilled
We are transported to heaven.

The wind rushes, the cross falls
I am left alone… gazing
Miss Jane D’Souza...
And a black rose in her hand
The starry sky turns black
When my tears touches her soul....

Our joy ends here
I am left gazing with those memories of yesteryears
How can I say her?
"Don’t visit my coffin next year”

Our Valentine Song ends here...

1 comment:

  1. awww.....lovely one..
    but thoda jaldi nai ho gaya :)
    its another fortnight to valentines day dear :)