Madrid Memories - Top Things to do in Madrid

8 O’clock, Madrid Barajas International Airport. Yes, when I got exhilarated to see the first glimpse of Madrid (the capital of Spain). From there a fairytale starts. Hotel Convencion, where my room number was 1023 is located in Goya Street shopping and residential area from where I had easy access through M-30 and M-40 ring roads, which connects my hotel with Madrid Barajas International Airport and Juan Carlos 1 trade and fair complex. My hotel was also close to Atocha Shopping District and Chamartin Railway Station. Travelling to Madrid was sheer fun.

Top Things to do in Madrid

The first thing, which I really found amazing, was the traffic sense of the Spaniards. I found it really funny at first instant to see people waiting to cross the road although the road was empty. They strictly follow the red lights unlike us. Streets were just fascinating rather lyrical as the maple leaves covered them to give it a poetic touch. The people were of course beautiful. I was swept by their hospitality as they with so much care showed us the route we asked for though they didn’t speak English. Their gestures are enough to fall in love with them. I can never forget those sips of red and white wine, martini, Heineken in the wee hours of the morning calling home at awkward hours. Hola means hello is the word, which the Spaniards uses often for greeting you. No doubt the whole Europe is tourist-friendly but I found Spaniards to be the most decent people on earth. They are very quiet and approachable. They are not at all loud but they love loud music for sure. They are like easygoing as well as hardworking. Their parks are crowded with carefree lovebirds. They moreover believe in the display of public affection. I wonder if the Garden of Eden has been inspired by the Central Park of Madrid.

One-euro posh buses, the well-connected metro can make your stay quite cheap and easy. Though the bullfight was little disappointing still I really enjoyed being part of that great historical event of Spain. Madrid vision buses were really one cool thing where we saw the whole Madrid seating and standing in the rooftop open buses. My hobby for photography regenerated to treasure some of my memorable moments in Spain. Oh! I forgot to tell you, I went for my international exposure with a group of friends from college. We visited companies like Pascual Dairy (the leading dairy product manufacturer of Spain), Talgo well known trains, Turespana the administrative unit of the central Government in charge of promoting Spain abroad as a tourist destination, El-Mundo (the leading newspaper of Spain) and Anis chin chon a wine manufacturing industry and many more Phew. The long list of companies in just 15 days but I stole time to see all places as possible. Santiago Bernabeu Real Madrid Stadium from where I bought a football for my small museum.

How can I forget the Cleopatra of Madrid, the great Gran Via? I did a below lip piercing for 18 euros. I have been through each and every corner to see every side of life. Those groups of backstreet boys, the gang of rock lovers, those dancers, those beautiful women still makes me wake up in the middle of the night and hopelessly I see my bed. Madrid is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. You should never miss a chance to visit this wonderful place.


  1. Lucky You!
    That sounds like a fantastic trip.

    1. Thanks Deepa, it was really a memorable experience.