Today is the first day of 2007….again a new year….and when I immediately look back….I can see many pictures, many incidents, many friends, many memories…. Trying to fade away with the dawn of this year…how can I let them go so easily….how can I forget them, how can I leave them without treasuring those blissful moments of last year. So I thought of penning it down!!!
Today every memory is visiting me and in every memory I can find a story!!!
Well this is not my diary of nostalgia but a story untold. Can I stop those unspoken echoes of my soul to get washed out with the sands of the so-called Time? Well my journey of life can’t continue without those lovely incidents which I found in my trip…. to my destination. How can I overlook those people who brought smile to my face whom I never met ,never knew… don’t even know whether I will meet them in my entire journey or not but moments shared with them will always remain in the backdrop of my mind….Oh!!!When I look flipside, I can see a group of friends …self-proclaimed pied pipers with full zest preparing for presentations….. Busy in photo sessions for their promotion .The photo perhaps never got planted in the walls of their college! But you can hit upon it in someone’s room now…..Why memories make me crave to bring together those happy moments spent with my friends…I remember last year’s valentines day when I met someone very sweet…we became so close that day that we forgot the world and really tried to make our own little kingdom of dreams….but you know nothing is forever so again my friend walked away slowly without saying a bye….those parties ,our so-called paathsaala near our college will be remembered…but life has to go on ….You lose old friends and then new friends comes to replace them and again a new relationship starts ..And you become happy….Well 2006 …..My first distant trip to Spain once more brings some unforgettable memories …the maple leaves and my first look of the beautiful city of Madrid beckons! Well I enjoyed my trip to the land of bull fight where I did a below lip piercing. Life isn’t so short I guess. Its difficult to capture those beautiful emotions of my life, those smile in only one page…..Someone rightly said that…Stop pacing the aisles and measuring the distance. Instead, climb more mountains, eat more ice-cream, go barefoot more often, swim more rivers, watch more sunsets, laugh more, and love more. Live life as you go along. So I decided to continue my journey …..relishing every moment….Well 23rdNovember is again a day of my life as my dear sister walks away with glory in her bridal suite leaving us to an another family…..though that day I didn’t even cry because I felt so dry inside.….the heaviness inside my heart is still felt when I said my last bye to my sister….childhood memories came as a flashback where I saw myself and my sister fighting for some chocolates!!! I saw my papa’s eyes… I can see the pain of being a father and handing over his daughter to another person and a family…but still this is life and I enjoyed my sister’s marriage fully. Thought of even getting married! Well I cant end this year without saying about some of the nicest people on earth…with whom I talk whole day….with whom we talk ‘bout our traits… I really love to be with them…I know they will be smiling reading this because they know how important they are for me…..they are my support system…..well today , my mind is full of some unbreakable resolutions….hope I will succeed in keeping them…..I want to make this year…. “a year of love and happiness”…hope my dreams see the light of the day…..well this recollections will never fade as I have treasured them now…. So my boy can see a bright light of star shine is calling him……He is found walking towards the light now….well life has to go on ….So is the tale of that boy called ‘me’!!!

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