Lyrical morning….

Out of a sudden I woke up …..
A feeling of bliss suddenly touched my heart
A light of joy felt
And my life changed for awhile!!!
Well this morning seems to be different…
Miracles visited my essence…
And my cup of tea gave me that divine soothe
Well my romantic heart blossomed…
Fresh words came out from my retarded soul
Oh!!!What has happened to me?
Why this morning seems to be so different?
Why I am not sad?
Why I am smiling…today!!!
I can see those maple leaves yet again
And those sweet musical chords of guitar
Reverberating in me!!!
This morning is different
‘Cause I am happy.
The darkness of my room faded away
the saccharine breeze touching me.
Well am feeling those moments again
Those lovely graduation days…
Am feeling young today…
Goodmorning to this expressive morning
‘Cause it’s so lyrical….

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